“Week One”, or whatever you want to call it, is here.  It is actually the third weekend games have been played, but its the first weekend we’ll see Power 5 schools.  This weekend’s slate of games is…..not good.  It was bare to begin with, and the recent COVID-19 induced postponements have created some slim pickens.  It’s not the most promising or eventful start to the season, but we tread forward.

Here is a link to the 2020 rules.  Go to the pick form tab to make your selections.   Good Luck!


Welcome – The 15th Edition of the PP6

The 2020 college football season will mark the 15th year of the Pigskin Pick Six.  It’ll be strange, and we might not make it to the finish line, but we’ll give it a go.  Let’s do this.

Sorry, sore subject.  Let’s do this.


How does this work?

Welcome to the Pigskin Pick Six website. If you are here, you are either lost or are considering joining a college football pick ’em contest. How does it work?  Well, this year is different.  Instead of choosing 6 of 15 games against the spread (ATS).  You will be given only 6 games to choose from, and you must select an ATS winner in each game (including one lock).   You will be awarded points based on your performance.  For a complete set of league rules, please click here.

To pay, thus entering the competition, please follow this link to LeagueSafe: https://leaguesafe.com/join/3948273

Due to the number of expected participants, the vast majority of us will fail to win money.  Therefore, I encourage you to partake in little side competitions with your family and/or friends.  It will give you a better chance to get on the podium and will help keep your interest throughout the year.

Season Info

Please note the tabs at the top of the page.  All the information you would want or need throughout the season is contained within the website.  From the pick sheet, to the leaderboard and statistics.  Some of the tabs have old information used as space fillers.  It is just to give you an idea of how everything will look once the season starts.  The email you use to receive PP6 emails needs to be the same email you use to register with the LeagueSafe website.  You can also register on the PP6 website, but it is not required.  The value is that it automatically enters your name and email into the weekly pick form.

Each week will have a preview and review post, and maybe a few sprinkled in between. Enjoy these at your leisure and feel free to comment and participate in discussions.  Our goal is to have the picks available and the leaderboard updated weekly by Thursday at 1pm ct.



  • WEEK FIFTEEN WINNER:  Brian Patton and Jon Taber.  Nine people went 6-0.  Neither Brian nor Jon had the season they wanted, but they cashed.
  • The group winning and lock winning percentages were great, capping off a historic PP6 season.  They were 58.2% and 56.5%, respectively.
  • The season group and lock winning percentages set all-time records:  52.3% and 53.8%, respectively.  Not only are they records, they absolutely shattered the records.  Typically, the season winning percentages are in the range of 48.2 to 49.7%.
  • For the first time this year, nobody went 0-6.
  • The most popular pick of the week, Ohio State, failed to cover the spread.  However, the next five most popular picks did.
  • The group majority went 7-3 this week.
  • Baylor and Oregon were the only two underdogs to get more interest than the favorites.  They both covered.


  • The final tally for 6-0 vs 0-6 was 102 to 59.  That is a shocking statistic.  The only other time 6-0s outnumbered 0-6s was in 2013, but it was only 60-51.
  • Home Underdogs were 33-50-4, which is by far the worst record in PP6 history.  The previous worst was 39-42-2 in 2015.
  • The average score for the season was 66.2 points per week…another record.  The previous record was 63.7 points in 2012.
  • The Majority Six shattered the previous record.  They were 52-32-3 this year (59.8%).  The previous record was 44-40-1 in 2012 (52.4%).
  • Participants scored 100+ points at a rate of 11.7%, which beat out the previous best of 11.5% in 2012.


  • Chad Capra captured the PP6 2019 title with an incredible record of 60-28-2.
  • The Top Ten didn’t see much movement in Week 15.  Other than Jason Gorsuch and Rick Barrett entering the Top Ten, nobody moved more than two spots.
  • The Lock Race:  Brandon Bains captured the “Lock of the Week” Title.  He finished 13-2, which was 1/2 game better than Rick Barrett, Steve Stephenson and Stuart Rowlan.  Unfortunately for Steve and Stuart, only the top two spots get paid and Rick won the tie-breaker by having more total points.
  • Tyler Armstrong finished in the cellar with a  2-12-1 lock record.
  • The Elimination Bracket:  Chris Kinard beat out GundyonDaHundy for the title.  Chris has been great all year.  He entered the bracket as a 2-seed and was consistent all year.
  • Everyone in the Top Ten had at least two 100+ point weeks.  Everyone except Chris Kinard had at least three 100+ point weeks.
  • Over the final three weeks of the season, the worst score was 60 points by James Welin in Week 15.  40 scores, and nobody did worse than 3-3.
  • Rick Barrett strung together five consecutive 100+ point weeks! During that stretch, he jumped from 191st place to 7th.
  • It should come as no surprise that Rick also won the “Best Finish” award.  He closed the season on a 21-3 run!  The next best was Heidi McAtee with a 18-4-2 record.



  • WEEK FOURTEEN WINNER:  Nathaniel Harris.  Another week with double-digit 6-0s, which means you had to score a bunch of points to win the week.  Nathaniel did just that.  He scored 136 points and climbed into the Top 100.
  • Tell me if you’ve heard this one before: The group and lock winning percentages were really good:  56.1% and 52.1%, respectively.
  • The average score (73.9 points) was the second best of the year.
  • 69 people scored 100+ points, which is the highest number since week 5.
  • Same old story with the home underdogs:  3-6 this week.
  • Favored teams had their best week of the year:  11-4
  • The group majority was 10-5.  That makes the record over the last three weeks 28-15-2.
  • The group continued to ride Ohio State.  They were the most popular pick and lock of the week.  The Buckeyes easily won and covered against Michigan.
  • Three underdogs received at least 100 picks.  They were 1-2 ATS.
  • The biggest pick disparity was in the Kansas vs Baylor game.  Baylor received 195 picks to only 23 for Kansas.  The Bears crushed KU 61-6.
  • Home favorites were 5-1.
  • Chad Capra reclaimed his spot atop the leaderboard with one week to go.
  • The gap between 1st and 10th (99 points) is the same as the gap between 10th and 88th.
  • Stephen Eanes (24th place) is the highest ranked player with a losing lock record.
  • Brandon Bains has a 13-1 lock record.  Steve Stephenson is right behind him at 12-1-1.  Joe Dub is 12-2.
  • Chris Kinard and GundyOnDaHundy will meet in the finals of the bracket.