• Again, not much time to do a recap, so I’ll leave you with this:

  • The Florida Gators are introducing new alternative uniforms this week.  They appear to have drawn inspiration from a real alligator and a gator halloween costume:


 Image result for plus signImage result for alligator    Image result for equal sign      fla4.jpg


  • WEEK SIX WINNER:  Cody Miller.  We had 7 people go 6-0.  Cody won the week with his 129 points.
  • The group winning percentage and lock winning percentages were back above 50%:  51.1% and 50.4%, respectively.  It is the third week in a row that the lock winning percentage was worse than the overall winning percentage.
  • 42 people scored 100 points or more, which is the highest total since week 2.
  • The group majority was 10-5.
  • Underdogs received the majority of the picks in three games, and they were all ATS winners:  West Virginia, Texas A&M and Utah.
  • We have a new leader:  Jeffrey Szul.  He jumped from 22nd to 1st.
  • Dane Karr was the only person from the Week Five Top Ten to score at least 80 points.
  • Only four people have a 6-0 lock record:  Tim Andrews, Gary Mathews, David Dennis and Aaron Aulgur.  Tim is the highest ranked player (32nd place).
  • Tony Juan has the worst overall record:  9-27, 0-6.  If he would’ve only faded his own picks, he’d be in 1st place…with a 2 game lead over 2nd.



    • WEEK FIVE WINNER:  Chelsie Darr.  Four people went 6-0, but Chelsie led the way with 138 points.  She jumped from 177th place to 29th.
    • The group winning and lock winning percentages rebounded this week:  46.0% and 42.6%, respectively.
    • Despite it being a decent week for the group, we saw the most 0-6 records of the year.  9.
    • The group majority was only 5-10.
    • The underdog received the majority of the picks in 4 games.  They were all ATS losers:  Iowa State, Duke, Vanderbilt and Iowa.
    • Two teams earned the maximum bonus points: Georgia and Auburn.  Central Florida would’ve made the list, but Memphis scored a meaningless touchdown as time expired.
    • Nine people have a 5-0 lock record.
    • Two weeks ago, Katherine Taber was in 237th place.  She is in 5th place now.