• Again, not much time to do a recap, so I’ll leave you with this:

  • The Florida Gators are introducing new alternative uniforms this week.¬† They appear to have drawn inspiration from a real alligator and a gator halloween costume:


 Image result for plus signImage result for alligator    Image result for equal sign      fla4.jpg


  • WEEK SIX WINNER: ¬†Cody Miller. ¬†We had 7 people go 6-0. ¬†Cody won the week with his 129 points.
  • The group winning percentage and lock winning percentages were back above 50%: ¬†51.1% and 50.4%, respectively. ¬†It is the third week in a row that the lock winning percentage was worse than the overall winning percentage.
  • 42 people scored 100 points or more, which is the highest total since week 2.
  • The group majority was 10-5.
  • Underdogs received the majority of the picks in three games, and they were all ATS winners:¬† West Virginia, Texas A&M and Utah.
  • We have a new leader:¬† Jeffrey Szul.¬† He jumped from 22nd to 1st.
  • Dane Karr was the only person from the Week Five Top Ten to score at least 80 points.
  • Only four people have a 6-0 lock record:¬† Tim Andrews, Gary Mathews, David Dennis and Aaron Aulgur.¬† Tim is the highest ranked player (32nd place).
  • Tony Juan has the worst overall record:¬† 9-27, 0-6.¬† If he would’ve only faded his own picks, he’d be in 1st place…with a 2 game lead over 2nd.



    • WEEK FIVE WINNER: ¬†Chelsie Darr. ¬†Four people went 6-0, but Chelsie led the way with 138 points.¬† She jumped from 177th place to 29th.
    • The group winning and lock winning percentages rebounded this week: ¬†46.0% and 42.6%, respectively.
    • Despite it being a decent week for the group, we saw the most 0-6 records of the year.¬† 9.
    • The group majority was only 5-10.
    • The underdog received the majority of the picks in 4 games.¬† They were all ATS losers:¬† Iowa State, Duke, Vanderbilt and Iowa.
    • Two teams earned the maximum bonus points: Georgia and Auburn.¬† Central Florida would’ve made the list, but Memphis scored a meaningless touchdown as time expired.
    • Nine people have a 5-0 lock record.
    • Two weeks ago, Katherine Taber was in 237th place.¬† She is in 5th place now.



    • Not much time to do a recap this week, but this video says it all about OSU’s performance against TCU.


    • WEEK FOUR WINNER: ¬†Ty Senour. ¬†Two people went 6-0:¬† Ty Senour and Larry Smith.¬† Ty earned the victory with his 128 points.¬† ¬† He has been working on his craft as a football prognosticator for years.¬†¬†It at least goes back to freshman year of college,¬† when Ty and I began our weekly tradition of making CFB and NFL picks against each other.
    • The group winning and lock winning percentages were the worst of the year: ¬†42.4% and 32.9%, respectively.
    • It was the first week that the lock winning percentage was lower than the overall.
    • Only 13 people scored 100 point or more.
    • OSU and OU are always popular picks.¬† They were overwhelmingly popular this week, and neither team covered the spread.
    • Had both OSU and OU covered the spread, the lock winning percentag would’ve been 77%!
    • Dusty Weatherly, Doug Hall and Cole Grinnell are the only three people to go at least 4-2 every week.
    • John Mellish is the highest ranked player with a losing lock record.¬† He is currently in 30th.



  • Penn State’s coach, James Franklin, showed up in last week’s recap. ¬†Last week it was for what he said. ¬†This week, it’s for what he did. ¬†Trailing 56-0 with 9 ticks left on the clock, Georgia State lined up for a 31 yard field goal attempt. ¬†Franklin wasn’t having it. ¬†He called timeout immediately before the snap; icing the kicker and, subsequently, securing the shutout. Stay classy, Franklin.
  • The Florida vs Tennessee game ended on what is being called a “Hail Mary”. ¬†Although, it was more “crazy long post pattern” than “Hail Mary”. ¬†Florida’s quarterback, Feleipe Franks, launched a 67 yard missile that hit his receiver in stride. ¬†It wasn’t as long of a throw as Kordell Stewart’s bomb from the ’94 Michigan game (see below), but he seemed to throw it with less effort. ¬†No crow-hop. ¬†Just a monstrous 67 yard strike. ¬†Brad Nessler’s call of the play was great (what else would you expect from him). ¬†Florida’s radio call was about what you’d expect. ¬†The announcer lost his mind. ¬†Both calls are included below. In case you were wondering, 64 people in our competition hated the throw. ¬†74 people loved it.

Kordell Stewart’s Throw:

Brad Nessler’s Call:

The Radio Call:


  • WEEK THREE WINNER: ¬†Chris Robinson. ¬†Here’s to you, Mr. Robinson. ¬†Chris scored 130 point in route to his win. ¬†Greg Delano and Kevin Manning also went 6-0, but they only won the satisfaction of a perfect week.
  • The group winning and lock winning percentages came back down to Earth: ¬†47.8% and 48.6%, respectively.
  • It was the first week 0-6 records (6) outnumbered 6-0 records (3).
  • Double digit favorites were 5-1.
  • The underdogs only received the majority of the picks in two games, Illinois and California. ¬†Cal covered. ¬†Illinois didn’t.
  • The two most popular picks of the week were Oklahoma State and Kansas State. ¬†OSU covered. ¬†KSU didn’t.
  • Mississippi State was the first team of the year to earn the maximum bonus points. ¬†43 people picked them. ¬†3 people earned 10 bonus points by locking them.
  • Bryan Colley is currently in 1st place, but 25 people are only one game back. ¬†70 people are within two games of the lead.



  • Shortly after Baker Mayfield stuck a fork in the Ohio State football team, he stuck tried sticking an OU flag into the center of their field. ¬†The gesture received national attention. ¬†Mayfield later apologized, saying he didn’t mean for it to be disrespectful. ¬†Kind of like Penn State coach, James Franklin, didn’t mean to disrespect Pittsburgh when he said,¬†“I know last year beating us for them was like the Super Bowl. ¬†This was just like beating Akron for us.” On a side note: Next time Baker wants to stick a flag in artificial turf, he needs to bring along a flag pole base or patio umbrella stand. ¬†I bet he could find one on summer close-out right now at Home Depot.


  • Baylor, Baylor, Baylor. ¬†This is my third week in a row to include Baylor in a post. ¬†I promise this is the last one for a while. ¬†They¬†just¬†make it so easy. ¬†Like Tennessee and a handful of other teams, they too have found an interesting way to celebrate forced turnovers. ¬†They opted to go¬†with a toy basketball goal. Baylor used it for the first time last Saturday, as they were able to force the season’s first turnover. ¬†It came in a losing effort,¬†but give them credit. ¬†They gave UTSA all they wanted. ¬†I am not sure if Baylor bought a¬†Little Tikes Playhouse or some other toy to celebrate wins, but if they did, I hope they kept the receipt.


  • Question: If you have third and goal from the seven yard line, how many yards do you need to score a touchdown? ¬†Answer: ¬†93.


  • WEEK TWO WINNER: ¬†Trevor Peterson. ¬†So far this year, the elusive 6-0 hasn’t been quite as elusive as it usually is. ¬†Ten people accomplished the feat this week. ¬†Trevor Peterson led the way with 129 points.
  • The group winning and lock winning percentages were really good again: ¬†55.4% and 61.7%, respectively.
  • After a record setting week of seeing 78 people scoring 100 points or more, this week was not too far off: ¬†69 people scored 100 points or more.
  • Through two weeks, 6-0 records have outpaced 0-6 records by a score of 18-7. ¬†There has never been a season where we saw more perfect weeks than Ofers. ¬†Ofers have some work to do.
  • Home teams were a shocking 3-12 against the spread.
  • The two most popular picks of the week, Oklahoma State and Clemson, were ATS winners.
  • Through two weeks, we still haven’t had a game earn the maximum bonus points.
  • All 30 teams received at least 2 lock picks. ¬†It doesn’t sound like much, but that is actually very rare. ¬†There are several weeks where a team or two will not receive any lock picks.