Welcome – The 14th Edition of the PP6

The 2019 college football season will mark the 14th year of the Pigskin Pick Six.  Let’s do this.

How does this work?

Welcome to the Pigskin Pick Six website. If you are here, you are either lost or are considering joining a college football pick ’em contest. How does it work?  Simply put: Each week, 15 games are selected in which the players submit 6 picks(including one lock).   You will be awarded points based on your performance.  For a complete set of league rules, please click here.

To pay, thus entering the competition, please follow this link to LeagueSafe: https://www.leaguesafe.com/join/3904292

Due to the number of expected participants, the vast majority of us will fail to win money.  Therefore, I encourage you to partake in little side competitions with your family and/or friends.  It will give you a better chance to get on the podium and will help keep your interest throughout the year.

Season Info

Please note the tabs at the top of the page.  All the information you would want or need throughout the season is contained within the website.  From the pick sheet, to the leaderboard and statistics.  Some of the tabs have old information used as space fillers.  It is just to give you an idea of how everything will look once the season starts.  The email you use to receive PP6 emails needs to be the same email you use to register with the LeagueSafe website.  You can also register on the PP6 website, but it is not required.  The value is that it automatically enters your name and email into the weekly pick form.

Each week will have a preview and review post, and maybe a few sprinkled in between. Enjoy these at your leisure and feel free to comment and participate in discussions.  Our goal is to have the picks available and the leaderboard updated weekly by Wednesday at 1pm ct.


Thanks again Kurtis for all your help this year.  I could not do this without you.  Now, onto the results…


  • WEEK FOURTEEN WINNER:  Rusty Moore.  The last hurrah of the year went to Rusty.  He ended a disappointing season with a bang by capturing the weekly prize.  He beat out four other participants who went 6-0.  Interestingly, they all scored 121 points.
  • The group winning and lock winning percentages were solid:  50.6% and 50.1%, respectively.
  • For the season, the overall winning percentage (49.6%) was slightly better than the lock percentage (48.2%)
  • Four people went 6-0.
  • The final tally for the season: 6-0 occurred 70.  0-6 occurred 94 times.
  • The OU vs Texas rematch was the most popular game, with the picks being pretty evenly distributed.  158 picks for OU.  101 picks for Texas.  A called-back kick return secured the cover for the Sooners.
  • The next two most popular picks (Alabama and Boise State), failed to cover the spread.
  • The group majority went with the underdog in only three games:  Akron, California and Pitt.  Akron was the only one to cover.
  • For the year, the “Majority 6” and Group Majority were exactly .500.
  • Generally speaking, it was a pretty average week for the Week 13 Top Ten.  Tony Schroeder and Mike Stovall were the only two people to eclipse the 100-point mark, which allowed to people previously outside the Top Ten (Derek Ridgway and Jon Taber) to find their way in.
  • Herb Grover and Derek Ridgway only had one 100 point week all year.  They are the only two people in the Top Ten without at least two 100 point weeks.
  • The gap between 1st and 3rd (55 points) is the same as the gap between 10th and 29th.
  • The Lock Race:  Cory W captured the “Lock of the Week” Title.  He finished 12-2, which was 1 game better than anyone else.  There was a four-way tie for second in the lock race.  Derek Ridgway, Jon Taber, Christopher McIntosh and Dan Bright all went 11-3.  Derek wins the tie breaker by having the most total points.
  • On the other end of the spectrum, Doug Reigle and Bart Brewer had 2-12 lock records.
  • The Best Finish Award: Richie Howells won the prize with a solid 19-5 record over the final four weeks.  He jumped from 192nd after Week 10 to a final position of 19th.
  • The Elimination Bracket:  Peter Sanborn beat out Steve McLanahan for the title.



  • WEEK THIRTEEN WINNER:  Nick Washburn.  Three people went 6-0 this week.  We also had two people go 6-1 (because of the cancelled game in Week 12).  Nick Washburn outscored them all.
  • Standard result for the overall winning percentage(45.9%).  Poor result for the lock percentage (37.6%).
  • We had six people go 0-6, three people go 1-6.
  • We also had the incredibly rare 0-7, accomplished by my sister Katherine Taber.
  • Another bad week for favored teams.  They had a record of 6-9.  Favorites have only had a winning record in four weeks.
  • The group majority only went with three underdogs:  Nebraska, Ohio State and LSU.  They all covered the spread.
  • The LSU vs Texas A&M was an instant classic.  The result of the game and point spread hung in the balance the whole game….the whole game being 7 overtimes and 146 combined points..  A&M won the game, but LSU covered the spread.
  • Notre Dame was the most popular pick.  USC was covering the spread all game until the Irish scored with 3 minutes to go up 14.  USC promptly backdoored the Notre Dame backdoor with a touchdown of their own.  192 people lost a pick because of that touchdown.  56 people lost a lock.
  • There were no “maximum bonus” games this week.  There has only been one (WSU over Arizona) in the last four weeks.
  • Tony Schroeder has a slim lead in the overall standings.  The Top 3 are only separated by 8 points.  The Top Ten are only separated by 60 points.  In the immortal words of Kevin McAllister, “This is it. Don’t get scared now.”
  • You have to crack the Top Ten to get in the money.  Realistically, anyone within 40 points of 10th has a chance.  ie:  anyone currently ranked in the Top 20.
  • One week left and the lock race is still very much in doubt.  Cory W leads with way with an 11-2 record.  Tony Juan and Jeff Enkelmann are 1/2 game back at 10-2-1.  10 people are a game back at 10-3.
  • Peter Sanborn (currently in 42nd place) will meet Steve McLanahan (currently in 6th place) in the finals of the Elimination Bracket.  Unfortunately, one side of the bracket was affected by the cancelled game in Week 12.  Jonathan Taber outscored Steve this week 87 to 84, but his score was based on seven picks.  His worst six game score would have been 64 points.
  • Chad Akers has a comfortable lead for the “Best Finish” award.  He leads Tony Juan by 15 and Richie Howells by 30.



Cancelled Game, Second Edition

We had another PP6 football game cancelled.  This time, it was due to poor air quality resulting from the California wildfires.  We will handle it the same way as earlier in the season.  Here is a summary of the process:

  1. Anyone who picked California or Stanford in Week Twelve will be allowed to make SEVEN PICKS for Week Thirteen.  This is the only week you will be allowed to replace the cancelled game.
  2. If you locked the California vs Stanford game, you will need to make two locks in Week Thirteen.  Since the pick form only allows one lock, you will need to email me the other game you want to count as your second lock.
  3. The cancelled game makes the weekly winner prize tricky. As it applies to Week Twelve, if you made a selection in the California vs Stanford game, you are competing with only five picks.  I realize this basically eliminates those people from contention, and I am sorry for that.
  4. Since some people are making seven selections this week, allowing all seven picks to count towards the weekly prize would put them at an unfair advantage.  Therefore, if you are picking seven games this week, you will only be eligible to win the weekly prize if your worst six-game score is the highest score of the week.  Again, I realize this also puts some people at a disadvantage.

Barring any other unforeseen circumstances, we should be back on track going into the final week.  Thanks for your understanding.




  • WEEK TWELVE WINNER:  Tony Juan.  He scored a season high 138 points.  Two others went 6-0:  Matthew Arbuckle and Tony Schroeder.  It should be mentioned that Jake Grinnell and Christopher Perry went 5-0, but they lost an opportunity at 6-0 due to the cancelled game.  However, neither one of them could’ve matched Tony’s score.  In other words, Tony was going to be the winner this week whether the cancelled game was played or not.
  • It was a pedestrian week for the group.  The overall winning percentage was 47.2%  The lock percentage was 47.7%
  • Home underdogs were 5-1.
  • Despite being a decent week for the group, the group majority only went 4-10.
  • The most popular game was OSU (62 picks) vs West Virginia (194 picks).  OSU was the outright winner.
  • The biggest pick disparity was in the Arizona vs Washington State game.  WSU was an overwhelming choice, and they rewarded their faithful with a maximum bonus win.
  • Mike Stovall took over the top spot in the standings.  Herb Grover will get to make seven picks this week, and he is only 16 points behind.
  • We have a seven-way tie for the lock race!  However, the tiebreaker is total points and Christopher McIntosh has a 51 point lead over the closest competitor.
  • Doug Reigle has a 1-11 lock record.  Somehow, he is still above .500 overall (35-33-3).
  • Luckily the cancelled game did not affect the results of the Elimination Bracket.  We are down to the Final Four:  Peter Sanborn, Lauren Donaldson, Steve McLanahan and Jon Taber.