• The Tom Herman era at the University of Texas was supposed to be christened with an easy win.  Instead, the Maryland Terrapins, donning their Jack of Diamonds costumes, marched into Austin and won convincingly as an 18 point underdog.  It was their first win over a ranked opponent since 2010.  Although, breaking their streak against Texas has to be somewhat hollow since the Longhorns were only ranked because of their brand.  It will take more than a few of Tom Herman’s kisses to wake this sleeping giant.  It will take time.  One thing is for sure.  This time next year, the Longhorn hype will again be in full fervor.  By then, maybe, it will be warranted.
  • Yes, Liberty University has a football team.  Yes, they beat Baylor as a 35 point underdog.  “This was not what we wanted tonight”, said Baylor’s new coach, Matt Rhule.  I tend to agree.
  • If you watched the Tennessee vs Georgia Tech game on Monday, you saw that Tennessee had no business winning that game…oh, and you saw the big gray trash can.  Tennessee apparently began a new tradition.  The trash can is held up all game by some pour soul.  After the defense forces a turnover, they run over to the trash can and dunk the ball.  It’s a bad idea if all goes as planned.  It’s a much worse idea if it doesn’t:

Retire the tradition, Tennessee.  Even Oscar the Grouch thinks the trash can gimmick is a little much.


  • WEEK ONE WINNER:  Matt Bartholomew and Stephanie Hoisington.  Eight people went 6-0, but Matt and my sister, Stephanie, led the way.  I know what you are thinking:  This league is rigged.  He had his own sister win the weekly prize.  Well, that is not true.  If it was truly rigged, I would’ve had one of my other sisters win instead.
  • The group winning and lock winning percentages were great:  58.3% and 72.2%, respectively.
  • The lock winning percentage might be the best of all time.  It is at least the best in the last two years.
  • 78 people scored 100 or more points…another PP6 record.
  • Despite all the success stories, 4 people managed to go 0-6.
  • Why such a good week?  When favorites win, the group wins.  Favorites were 10-5 this week, and they were picked 2 to 1 in favor of underdogs.
  • The group majority only picked the underdog in two games.  Utep vs OU and West Virginia vs Virginia Tech.  The underdogs, Utep and WVU, failed to cover.
  • The most popular game of the week also saw the biggest pick disparity.  264 people made a selection in the Florida vs Michigan game, with 228 of those picks going on Michigan.  This could end up being the biggest pick disparity all season.
  • 184 of the 352 locks (52.3%) were made on 3 teams:  Oklahoma State (75), Michigan (61) and Alabama (48).  All three covered the spread, which explains the incredible group lock record.


  • Week One brings the excitement of a new season and the allure of unblemished records.  Everyone hopes to get the PP6 season off to a good start.  History tells us that good starts are common, which makes them that much more important.  I looked at the statistics over the last five years (2012 -2016), comparing week one results to the season as a whole.  On average, week one scores are 6.7 points higher than the season average.   The group winning percentage has been 5.4% better than the season average.  Maybe its coincidence that week one outperforms other weeks.  Maybe its that the odds makers just need a week or two to figure the teams out.  Maybe people spend more time researching the matchups in week one.  Whatever the reason, in order to get off to a “good” start in week one, you’ll have to be a little better than normal.  Refer to the table below for a summary of the results.

  • ESPN made news last week for a decision they made concerning the broadcasting crew for Virginia’s opener against William & Mary.  Robert Lee was supposed to be on the call.  However, due to recent events in Charlottesville and the fact that he shares a name with the infamous Confederate general, Robert E. Lee, ESPN pulled him from the broadcast.  He’ll be calling the Pitt vs Youngstown State game instead of the game at Virginia.  Virginia’s opponent, William & Mary, is coincidentally the names of the only two people that were going to be watching that game any way.  It isn’t just a name that the two Robert’s share.  They are also both human (as the side-by-side photo clearly demonstrates), they both put pants on one leg at a time and their favorite battle tactic is the extended flanking maneuver.


  • I stumbled across a Baylor football gif earlier this summer, which reminded me of the greatest Baylor football gif of all-time.  Both are attached below for your enjoyment.

Dummy Race

The one from this summer features a race between a Baylor staff member and a self-propelled tackling dummy.  The staff member had two goals: Beat the dummy to the finish line, and don’t get embarrassed in the process.  Mission…almost…accomplished.

Squirrel Meets Truck

This is the famous collision from the 2015 Cotton Bowl.  Somewhere in Cyberland, a community of squirrels are watching the gif in horrified empathy, while Taps plays gently in the background.


Welcome – The 12th Edition of the PP6

The doldrums of summer will soon be replaced by the 2017 college football season, and with it, the 12th edition of the Pigskin Pick Six.

How does this work?

Welcome to the Pigskin Pick Six website. If you are here, you are either lost or are considering joining a college football pick ’em contest. How does it work?  Simply put: Each week, 15 games are selected in which the players submit 6 picks(including one lock).   You will be awarded points based on your performance.  For a complete set of league rules, please click on this url.

To pay, thus entering the competition, please follow this link to LeagueSafe: https://www.leaguesafe.com/league/3835501

Due to the number of expected participants, the vast majority of us will fail to win money.  Therefore, I encourage you to partake in little side competitions with your family and/or friends.  It will give you a better chance to get on the podium and will help keep your interest throughout the year.

Season Info

Please note the tabs at the top of the page.  All the information you would want or need throughout the season is contained within the website.  From the pick sheet, to the leaderboard and statistics.  Some of the tabs have old information used as space fillers.  It is just to give you an idea of how everything will look once the season starts.  The email you use to receive PP6 emails needs to be the same email you use to register with the LeagueSafe website.

Each week will have a preview and review post, and maybe a few sprinkled in between. Enjoy these at your leisure and feel free to comment and participate in discussions.  Our goal is to have the picks available and the leaderboard updated weekly by Tuesday at 9pm ct.



  • WEEK FOURTEEN WINNER:  Justin Hess.  He was the only person to go 6-0, outscoring the next closest competitor, Rick Wampler, by 22 points.
  • The group winning and lock winning percentages were easily the worst of the year:  39.8% and 33.1%, respectively.
  • Eight people went 0-6.
  • The four most popular picks were ATS losers:  Navy, Clemson, Wisconsin and OSU.
  • Michael Patton took over 1st place in week two and had not relinquished it all year…until…Rick Wampler dropped 109 points in the final week to edge him out by 2 points.  2 measly points.  Third place, Travis Phelan, finished 91 points behind Michael.
  • The Lock Race:  Going into the final week, Andrew Rowlan had a 1/2 game lead over Zach Favors and Justin Darr.  All three of them lost their locks, which opened the way for Jason Hall and Jeff Harbison.  There was a three way tie for the best record between Jason Hall, Jeff Harbison and Andrew Rowlan.  The tie-breaker, most overall points, put Jason in 1st place, Jeff in 2nd place and Andrew in 3rd place.  Only the top two spots get paid.
  • The Best Finish Award: Cody Miller won the prize with a solid 18-6 record.
  • The Elimination Bracket:  The championship game was a massive dud.  When you score the 2nd most points of the entire group, as Rick Wampler did, you are almost assured of the victory.  When your opponent, John Eanes, goes 0-6, well…
  • Only 2 people in the top 20 of the final standings won a week.
  • Bary Holleyman finished with the worst overall record at 28-54-2, which would’ve been good enough for 3rd place if reversed.
  • The highest ranked player without a 100 point week was Russell Kent in 34th place.  The next highest was Mitch Lied in 62nd.
  • The highest ranked player with a 0 point week was Trevor Bowman in 5th place.
  • Clay Stephens was the highest ranked player with a losing lock record.  He finished in 11th place.
  • Brent Baisden was the lowest ranked player with a winning lock record.  He finished in 306th place.