• WEEK THREE WINNER:  Justin Reed.  After a slow start to the season, we saw seven people go 6-0 this week. Justin Reed led the way with 128 points, which moved him from 194th place to 34th place.
  • The group and lock winning percentages were much better:  51.7% and 48.8%, respectively.
  • It’s the third straight week that the lock winning percentage was worse than the overall.
  • For the first time this year, the 6-0’s outnumbered the 0-6s. The totals were 7 and 2, respectively.
  • Last week I mentioned that we should be seeing 40 to 50 people reach 100+ points every week. This week, we had 42.
  • Last week’s leaders cooled off a bit. John Mellish dropped into 2nd place and Cole slipped to 24th.
  • Iven Stevenson took over the top spot in the rankings.
  • Only four people have scored 80+ points in each of the first three weeks: Iven Stevenson, Diane Overbey, Randy Moore and John Forrest.
  • 26 people still have a perfect lock record. Another ten people are 2-0-1.
  • Exactly twice as many people (52) have a perfectly imperfect lock record.
  • Mark H is the highest ranking player with an 0-3 lock record. He is currently in 17th place.
  • A non-power 5 school got some love this week. Future Big 12 member, Cincinnati, was the most popular overall pick and most popular lock. They went from being fortunate to even being in the game, to covering the spread going away.
  • The next three most popular locks (Alabama, Boise State and Oklahoma) all failed to cover the spread.
  • The most popular underdog, BYU, won outright against Arizona State.
  • Georgia was the least popular pick on the board. Only 19 people picked them. All 19 people lost that pick.
  • Louisville was the only team that wasn’t locked. They won a wild game against UCF.
  • For the year, home underdogs are now 10-4-1 ATS the spread.


  • WEEK ONE WINNER:  Trevor Bowman.  Both Trevor John Mellish went 6-0, but Trevor’s 128 points were enough to take the week. Winning money is nothing new to Trevor. In 2016, he finished 5th overall and won Week 13.
  • The group and lock winning percentages were not great, Bob:  44.5% and 41.1%, respectively. The overall winning percentage was just barely better than Week 1, and the lock record was actually worse. Usually the public does slightly better than average for the first couple weeks, as Vegas settles into setting lines. Not this year.
  • We only had two people go 6-0, but 10 people went 0-6. Thru two weeks, 0-6 is outpacing 6-0 by a margin of 16-2!
  • Only 14 people scored 100+ points. On average, we should be seeing 40 to 50 people reach that milestone each week.
  • John Mellish is off to a great start, 11-1.
  • Cole Grinnell is currently in 2nd place. He won the whole thing in 2017.
  • 10 of the 15 games had results that earned bonus points.
  • We had our first maximum bonus point game of the year with Stanford beating USC 42-28, despite being a 17 point underdog.
  • Stanford was the only team that nobody locked.
  • Double-digit home favorites were 1-4 ATS.
  • Favorites were only 5-10 against the spread.
  • Only 22% of the locks went for the underdog.
  • The most popular game of the week (Iowa vs Iowa State) almost had identical pick distribution. It was picked 129 to 127, in favor of Iowa State. The locks favored Iowa 21-20. Iowa ended up winning the game outright.
  • The most popular pick of the week was Texas. They got hammered by Arkansas.
  • Oklahoma State was the 2nd most popular pick. They won the game, but failed to cover.
  • The least popular pick of the week was California (22 picks). They covered the spread but lost to TCU.
  • 58 people are 2-0 on their locks.
  • 18 people are 1-0-1 on their locks.
  • 115 people are 0-2 on their locks.


  • WEEK ONE WINNER:  Scott Makintubee.  Both Scott and Brent Polwort had the week’s best record (5-0-1), but Scott’s 118 points edged out Brent’s 116.
  • The group and lock winning percentages were not great, Bob:  44.3% and 43.8%, respectively. History tells us that this will end up being one of the worst outcomes of the year.
  • We didn’t have a single person go 6-0. It’s the first time that has happened since Week 6 of 2016!
  • Five people went 0-6. I won’t name them here, but you can find them at the bottom of the leaderboard.
  • Six people went 0-5-1.
  • Nine people accomplished the very rare feat of going 0-4-2.
  • We only had 14 people scored 100+ points. I could see that being the lowest total all year.
  • The season got off to a strange start, with the first two games ending in a “push”. Having two games push in a week is very rare. It last occurred in Week 11 of 2018.
  • 55 people picked both of the games that ended in a push.
  • Home underdogs got off to a quick start, going 3-0-1.
  • The group majority didn’t pick an underdog in a single game.
  • The most popular underdog, Louisiana, failed to cover the spread.
  • 81% of the locks were placed on the favored team.
  • Alabama was the most popular pick of the week. They always get off to a hot start. For that matter, they end hot, too. They rewarded their followers with an ATS win.
  • The most lopsided lock was in the Tulane vs OU game. OU was picked 34-1. Tulane easily covered, and almost won outright.

Welcome – The 16th Edition of the PP6

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Seemingly overnight, the world of college football was flipped on its head.  What a wild year, and the season hasn’t even started.  College football is ruled by money.  Everybody knows that.  It’s been that way for decades and will continue down that path for perpetuity.  Its just that the thinly veiled disguise of pageantry, amateurism and tradition was removed to reveal a new era of expanded playoffs, name-image-likeness (NIL) deals and conference realignment.  Who knows what the future holds?  Will the 4-team playoff stretch to 12 teams?  Will football recruitment become a company sponsorship bidding war? Will true super conferences emerge and separate from the NCAA?  Only time will tell, but with each passing moment, we are at least that much closer to the beginning of the 16th annual Pigskin Pick Six, a tradition that remains unchanged.  You can expect the same fun and frustration as any other year, and a return to the standard format that was altered in 2020 due to Covid-19.  So, sign up.  Good luck.  Let’s do this.

How does this work?

Welcome to the Pigskin Pick Six website. If you are here, you are either lost or are considering joining a college football pick ’em contest. How does it work?  It’s simple.  You will be given a list of 15 games to choose from each week. In 6 of the 15 games, you will choose an “against the spread” (ATS) winner (including one lock).  You will then be awarded points based on your performance.  For a complete set of league rules, please click here.

To pay, thus entering the competition, please follow this link to LeagueSafe: https://leaguesafe.com/join/3986701

Due to the number of expected participants, the vast majority of us will fail to win money.  Therefore, I encourage you to partake in little side competitions with your family and/or friends.  It will give you a better chance to get on the podium and will help keep your interest throughout the year.

Season Info

Please note the tabs at the top of the page.  All the information you would want or need throughout the season is contained within the website.  From the pick sheet, to the leaderboard and statistics.  Some of the tabs have old information used as space fillers.  It is just to give you an idea of how everything will look once the season starts.  The email you use to receive PP6 emails needs to be the same email you use to register with the LeagueSafe website.  You can also register on the PP6 website, but it is not required.  The value is that it automatically enters your name and email into the weekly pick form and you will automatically receive the weekly reports.

Each week will have a preview and review post. Enjoy these at your leisure and feel free to comment and participate in discussions.  Our goal is to have the picks available and the leaderboard updated weekly by Thursday at 1pm ct.