2014 Rules


  • Each week, you will be given a pick sheet with 15 college football games. You will choose a point spread winner in six of the 15 games, with one serving as your “lock of the week”.
  • The point spreads will be determined by taking an average of the lines released by Las Vegas sportsbooks.
  • The 15 games will be chosen based on the following criteria: (1) OSU and OU football games. (2) Top 25 matchups. (3) Big XII games of interest. (4) National games of interest. If all things are equal, a televised game will be chosen over one not on TV.
  • I will email the list of games every Tuesday or Wednesday.
  • Your picks must be returned by 11:00am every Saturday. No exceptions. 11:00am Saturday. If a Thursday or Friday night game is among the 15 options and you wish to pick a game played on either night, your picks are due by 5:00pm the day of the game. Otherwise, they are due by Saturday at 11:00am. To summarize:


                -If one of your picks includes a Thursday game: return by Thursday at 5:00pm

                -If one of your picks includes a Friday game: return by Friday at 5:00pm

               -If you do not pick a Thursday or Friday game: return by Saturday at 11:00am

  • Picks will be made each week of the season; from the weekend of August 31st through December 7th. Fifteen Weeks.  Note:  Week Fifteen will only have 14 games to choose from.


  • Every game you guess correctly against the spread = 20 points
  • Every game you guess incorrectly against the spread = 0 points
  • Every game that ends in a push* = 10 points *(ex: a team favored by 5 wins by 5)
  • In addition to the point system mentioned above (wins=20 points, push=10 points, loss=0 points), bonus points can be earned and will be awarded as follows:


  • Your team covers the spread by 11-19.5 points = 1 bonus point*
  • Your team covers the spread by 20-28.5 points = 3 bonus points*
  • Your team covers the spread by 29+ points = 5 bonus points*

*Bonus points are doubled on your locks of the week.

  • A couple examples of how points are awarded:

+5 Texas Tech


Scenario One: You take KSU as one of your picks and they win 35-17. They covered the spread by 13 with an 18 point victory. You would earn: 20 points + 1 bonus point = 21 points.

Scenario Two: You take Texas Tech as your “lock of the week” and they win 35-17. They covered the spread by 23 with an 18 point victory. You would earn 20 points + 6 bonus points = 26 points.

  • I will email each participant the weekly results.
  • The WINNER is the player with the most points at the end of the year. The tie breaker goes to the player with the best overall record. If a tie still exists, the person with the best lock record will be the winner
  • Each week, one of your six picks will be your “lock of the week”. At the end of the year, the player with the best “lock of the week” record will get 6% of the pot. The best lock record will be determined as follows:

Correct Picks = 1 unit Incorrect Picks = 0 units Push = 1⁄2 unit

(Example: A lock record of 9-1-3 is worth 10.5 units)

  • Ties for the best lock record will be broken with the most total points.



  • The PAYOUT will be distributed according to the following format:

Point Winner = 34%*

Point Second = 20%*

Point Third = 12%*

Point Fourth = 8%*

Point Fifth = 5.5%*

Point Sixth = 4%*

Point Seventh = 3%*

Point Eighth = 2%*

Point Ninth = 1%*

Point Tenth = 0.5%

Lock Winner = 5%*

Lock Second = 1.5*

Bracket Winner = 2%*

Bracket Second = 0.5%

Best Finish = 1%

Weekly Winner = $30 per week

*Percentage based on the total pot minus the weekly winner payout ($450)

  • Weekly Winner: To keep interest throughout the season, the player with the most points each week will win $30. Ties will be broken by going to the best record for the week. If there is still a tie, the person that hit their lock will be the winner. If a tie still exists, the money will be split evenly.
  • Bracket Winner: The elimination bracket is another way to keep interest throughout the season. After week eight, all participants ranked in the top 128 will be inserted into an elimination bracket. The bracket will follow the same format as the NCAA basketball tournament. Your seed will be based on your rank after week eight. Each week, you will go head-to-head against one other competitor. The participant with the most points will advance. Ties will be broken by: 1.) Most total points for the year. 2.) If a tie still exists, the participant that scored the most points in the previous week will advance. The bracket will be played down from 128 teams in week 9, to 64 in week 10, to 32 in week 11, to 16 in week 12, etc. Winner take all. Keep in mind, this is only a side pot and all participants should make weekly selections in all fifteen weeks of the season.
  • Best Finish (4th quarter award):  This gives participants one last chance to hit paydirt.  The player with the most points over the final four weeks of the season will be the winner. The tie breaker goes to the player with the best overall record during the final four weeks.  If a tie still exists, the person with the best four week lock record will be the winner.
  • All winnings will be paid out after the last week of play.


The cost is $30 dollars and it must be sent by Friday, August 29th. IOU’s will NOT be accepted.

  • Entry fees will be done thru leaguesafe.com this year. Why the switch?  Last year, Paypal questioned the multiple $30 transactions that came thru my account.  I explained the situation, and they informed me that I would no longer be allowed to use the account for the competition.  Leaguesafe.com is specifically set up for fantasy football.  It will be a little more cumbersome to send payments thru this website, but it is completely safe and transparent. Unfortunately, they charge a 3% convenience fee for each transaction.  Therefore, you are actually paying $30.90 to join.  Also, each participant will have to create an account.

Please review the website for additional information:


Click here to join:  https://leaguesafe.com/join/2160982/pigskin-pick-six

Feel free to pass this on to your family or friends.


For a PDF of the league rules, click here.

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