PP6 2014 – WEEK ONE


  • It has been a decade or more since Oregon started the alternate uniform craze. Slowly, more and more teams began joining the fray.  The designs vary from subtle to bizarre.  Some of college football’s bluebloods have resisted the urge, while others have succumbed to the pressure.  Being one of the bluebloods, OU found themselves in a pickle…man’s (sorry).  Do they appease the recruits and players that love the alternate uniforms or the majority of the fan base that embraces tradition?  Oklahoma, in a way, did both.  They unveiled alternate uniforms while simultaneously announcing they would only be used sparingly.  The helmets are reminiscent of the 1980’s, when America couldn’t get enough of bowling and wood grain station wagons:


ou helmet


  •  ESPN’s College Game Day will be on hand for Oklahoma State’s season opener against the Florida State Seminoles. Mike Gundy, on the other hand, will not.  Unfortunately, the game conflicts with a family function.  Because of the OSU practice schedule, the Gundys have only been together as an entire family 14 times this August.  Instead of joining the team in Dallas, Coach Gundy and his boys will be gathered around the TV watching the Harry Potter marathon on ABC Family.



  • A special thanks to Kurtis for helping with the website and all the weekly data crunching.
  •   In future weeks, this section will include a recap of the previous week’s results.


The Countdown Continues…

By Kurtis Hanni

footballAs the football season approaches, many of us definitely have the football bug. It starts by watching a few preseason NFL games. But very quickly, that isn’t enough. Next is fantasy football, then the PP6. With the creation of this website, we’re hoping maybe we can whet your appetite just a bit. Feel free to peruse some of the content we’ve made available. By making this information available, we hope that it allows everyone to have more fun with the game. Keep reading for a guide on what you can find and what to expect throughout the year.

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