The Countdown Continues…

By Kurtis Hanni

footballAs the football season approaches, many of us definitely have the football bug. It starts by watching a few preseason NFL games. But very quickly, that isn’t enough. Next is fantasy football, then the PP6. With the creation of this website, we’re hoping maybe we can whet your appetite just a bit. Feel free to peruse some of the content we’ve made available. By making this information available, we hope that it allows everyone to have more fun with the game. Keep reading for a guide on what you can find and what to expect throughout the year.

What to expect

As always, this is subject to change.

Weekly Posts

In the weekly email last year, John would do a recap and try and have some fun with the results. This will continue, but will be in the form of a weekly post. The format hasn’t exactly been decided, but we’re hoping to be able to provide some nuggets throughout the week. That way, no matter when you’re visiting the site, there is always a little something to new to see. Hopefully we’ll see the return of the “fan reactions”:w4-fan reaction

 Updated Statistics

2013-w14Each week, as the results come in, we want to be able to provide you with information that could aid, or hinder, your ability to make picks the next week. As we’ve previously mentioned, each year has it’s own personality, and hopefully we can capture this personality successfully. To your right, you should see an example of the information we hope to provide each week after games have been played.

 Live Leaderboard?

As we look for ways to continue to improve the experience, we’re looking at providing a live leaderboard based off currently finished results. While it won’t be a perfect picture, it will give you an idea how the group is doing. For those in or just out of the money, I think this could be a gut-wrenching experience as the season comes to a close.


Website Pages

Let’s summarize what you can expect to find on each page of the site.


Each week, the form will be updated and embedded on this page. The goal is to allow you to never have to leave the site. Just as previous, you should receive a confirmation email. Because Gmail has lowered the sent email quota since last season, it might take a little longer to receive your confirmation email. We apologize, but have yet to find a solution that doesn’t cost money.


Under games, we’ll have the most up to date group of games available. Once the season starts, this will contain the current week’s games and previous weeks results. We’ve already given you a preview of what this could look like. But don’t worry, all these stats won’t help you be better. If me and John Stovall are any proof, it will only make you worse. So please, review with caution.


Most importantly, this will contain the most up-to-date leaderboard available. On the third line of the leaderboard you can see the date it has been updated. Hopefully, each week’s leaderboard will be available weekly by 9pm ct. Of course, we’re humans and life can sometimes interfere. Please be patient with us!

Please also check out the other leaderboard drop-downs. For 2012 and 2013 we made available the week-by-week leaderboards, as well as the bracket winners, and a table of overall winners. For newbies, this information can help you understand how this game works and get a feel for it. Unfortunately, the highly entertaining weekly summaries have not been made available, as frankly it was too much leg work. While always a good read, they aren’t near as good if not current. We also provided an Archives page which will allow you to see the year end results for each year of the PP6’s existence. If you’re one of the originals, boy how it has changed!


Under Statistics, there are three categories: Winners, Individual Stats, and Group Stats. Winners is a page that allowed us to recognize those who made the payout each of those years. Those are the people we can all look at with a scowl.m30sutton03

The Individual Stats page is a place we chose to recognize those players who have been successful on a consistent basis. We chose to  recognize those who have had long term success and more short term success as well. Next season, when you see some of these names competing at the top of the leaderboard, you’ll know the quality competition you’re facing.

Under Group Stats, you can find a short summary of Win percentage and lock percentage for the whole group going back to 2006. It is always interesting to see how each season takes on its own personality. As we get further into the season, hopefully we’ll be able to add more content that can quantify where 2014 fits in the big picture.


As the season gets closer, we’re excited to see what the 2014 version of PP6 holds. If you have any suggestions or comments, please feel free to let us know. We’re always looking to improve the way the game runs and hope that will be more enjoyable for all.






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