How can I review last weeks picks?

By Kurtis Hanni

Each week we plan on providing more information to you than has been in the past. I guess that’s the cool part of a website…

John will provide his typical nuggets which are always fun, informative, and humorous. Unfortunately, I don’t have that skill so I’m stuck on statistical detail.

On the Leaderboard tab, the top 20(and ties!) ranked players will be provided in a table format. The full leaderboard will be provided in a link above the summary leaderboard. This will typically be PDF format and is easily searchable. If you’re not familiar with how to search a PDF: once you’ve opened the PDF, press Ctrl + F. This will pull up a search bar which you can use to search by any name you’d like!

On the Games tab, of course we’ll have the current week games posted. But, by looking below the current week games you will see a previous week summary. This summary will provide some cool information. At the bottom of the summary you will see a link to find an expanded summary of way too many stats… This will allow you to see the winner of each game, the pick or lock distribution of the group, as well as some special categories we’ve selected ourselves. Please be careful, this information has only lead to me and John wildly under-performing the group. It is quite the accomplishment to be in the bottom 10%, thank you…

Throughout the year I’m sure we’ll find other ways to entertain, and I hope we can keep you coming back to this site to enjoy the comment. If you have any suggestions of things we could provide, feel free to let us know. We aren’t good listeners and are sorta stubborn, but we love stats as much as the next guy!



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