PP6 2014 – WEEK TWO


  •  One less mistake, one more call or five more minutes of game time and Oklahoma State could’ve pulled off a huge upset. They controlled the line of scrimmage in the second half and had Florida State on their heels. Give the ‘Noles credit.  Great teams find a way to win.


  •  OU won. Next.


  •  The inaugural season of the College Football Playoff is upon us. The top conferences in the country have been given the moniker “Big Five” or “Power Five”. They include the ACC, Big 12, Big Ten, Pac-12 and the SEC.  The four teams that make the playoff are expected to come from these five conferences.  Therefore, the goal isn’t necessarily to be perceived as the best conference in the country.  Rather, the goal is to not be considered the worst.  As the conferences jockey for position, the best time to build conferences resumes is during the non-conference slate of games.  The table below gives a snap shot of the week one performance for each of the Big Five conferences.  It only considers non-conference games.

Big 5 Table



  •  WEEK ONE WINNER: Trevor Bowman.  This one is pretty easy to figure out.  Scroll to the very top of the leaderboard and read the name.  Trevor was one of six people to go 6-0, he just chose a little more wisely than the other five.


  • Underdogs went 4-1 against the spread in neutral site games.


  • The Big 12 went 3-1 against the spread.


  • Historically, the group has always had a hard time picking underdogs. Week One was no different.  70% of the picks went for the favorite.  82% of the locks were for the favorite.


  • A complete list of week one statistics can be found in the games tab.


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