• Last Friday, OU’s Twitter account inadvertently released a photo from the Tennessee pep rally. Under normal circumstances, nobody would think twice about a pep rally photo.  In this case, it made news.  Although suspended from all team activities, Joe Mixon was pictured taking part in the event.  An OU spokesman said something to the effect of, “We knew he was suspended from team activities, but we didn’t know that included team activities.”  Can you find Joe Mixon in the picture?


  • In OSU’s game against Missouri State, JW Walsh went down with a lower leg injury. After having surgery last week, Mike Gundy wanted him off the sidelines for their game against UTSA.  Walsh wanted to get a good perspective of the action on the field.  Since the Texas School Book Depository was too far away, and a seat inside the press box made too much sense, Walsh decided to watch the game from the roof of the stadium.  He is pictured below



  •  WEEK THREE WINNER: Brett Finley.  He was one of two people to go 6-0.  Luke Wilkerson also accomplished the feat, but was outscored 127 to 124.  Finley has now gone 0-6 and 6-0 this year.
  •  Another average week for the group. The winning percentage was 49%.  The lock winning percentage was only 37%.
  •  Seven people went 0-6. The worst result of the year.
  •  The Texas vs UCLA game killed the group. The pick distribution was 170-11, in favor of UCLA.  The lock distribution was 79-2, in favor of UCLA.  The ATS outcome was in favor of Texas.
  •  33 people locked Georgia. Nobody locked South Carolina.  Big loser for the group.
  •  Only 23 people picked a side in the Illinois vs Washington game. That is the least popular game of the year, and could easily be the least popular game for the entire season.
  •  Lastly, I considered letting this last statistic go without mention, but I changed my mind. Put the women and children to bed.  This will be disturbing.  Jason Hall just endured the worst start in PP6 history.  Thru three weeks, he has amassed a measly 42 points and a 2–16 record.  The previous record, 63 points, was set by Dan Kucab in 2012.  Ok, here comes the good news.  Strangely enough, Jason Hall also holds the record for the best start in PP6 history.  Thru the first three weeks of 2010, he had 369 points and a 16-1-1 record!  Stranger still, just last year he was the leader after three weeks.  What a difference a year makes.

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