The Elusive 6-0

Going 6-0 is more elusive for some than others.  For me, it’s Bigfoot.  This is the ninth year of the PP6, and I still haven’t found it.  0 for 114.  Embarrassing, I know.  I use myself as an example to demonstrate how difficult it can be to go 6-0.  Well, that and the hope that it serves as a positive jinx.  Fingers-crossed.  Just how difficult is it to go 6-0?  Harder than it seems.  Vegas will pay you 40:1 if you go 6-0.  The true odds are worse, of course.  That is why parlays are considered sucker bets and Vegas is Vegas.  The house edge is huge.  Still, odds say I should’ve accomplished the feat years ago.  What odds don’t consider is my uncanny ability at picking a loser.

I compiled the historic stats for the odds of going 6-0 in the PP6.  Since I was already at it, I went ahead and calculated the odds of scoring at least 100 points and 80 points.  A 4-2 record (80 points or more) should be the goal every week.   That would give you a winning percentage of 66.7%, which is almost impossible to sustain over the course of a season.  It has never happened in the history of the PP6.  Will Corbyn  and John Mellish have come the closest.  They both had winning percentages above 65% in 2011.

6-0 odds

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