•  The upheaval in the Top 25 last weekend was of historic proportions. Depending on where your allegiance lies, the results were either harrowing or exhilarating.  It seemed fitting to pay homage to the events of the day by bringing back the “fan reaction”.

Haunted One

Haunted Two

  • It wasn’t just the fans that were shocked by the results of last weekend. A Nebraska lineman was equally stunned when seeing the Top 25 scores scroll across the jumbo-tron.



  •  WEEK SIX WINNER: Russell Kent.  He is my British import coworker.  Naturally, he fancies being obnoxious and overly confident.  This time, he can actually back it up.  He went 5-1 and scored 110 points, one point better than Jason Brown. Splendid.
  •  It was easily the worst week of the year: 39.2%%.
  •  The lock winning percentage was a pathetic 26.5%
  •  Home underdogs have now covered 63% of the games.
  •  Favorites last week went 4-10-1. Double digit favorites were 1-3-1.
  •  The OU game tied for the most popular pick of the year…and it killed the group. They were picked 174 to 16.  89 people locked the Sooners.  Only three people locked TCU.
  •  One point separates 1st place from 3rd . 43 points separate 3rd from 4th.
  •  Debbie Brandt is the only person with a 6-0 lock record. 10 people are a game back at 5-1.
  •  10 people are 0-6.
  •  At this point last year, five people were 6-0 and 41 people were either 5-0-1 or 5-1.

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