Finish Strong – we got a prize!

By Kurtis Hanni

The last four weeks are upon us, which means most of us are out of the running. But, if you’re in the top 75, you still have a chance! I know you don’t believe me, but check this out:

  • Last season, David Boettcher was ranked 55 after week 11. He finished 6th, raking in a nice chunk of the pot.
  • John Mellish climbed the ranks from 52 and finished 8th, just in the money.

Another positive, this year finishers 9-10 were added to the list of money winners. So, if you’re ranked 11-75, don’t give up. If anything, bear down… you still have a shot.

Ranked below 75? Well, this contest is made just for you. It gives you hope! If Best Finish was a thing last year, Kyle Nevels would have won. After Week 11 he was in lowly 186th place. His record was 28-30-2. After finishing the season on a 20-4 run, Kyle finished in the 39th spot. Last season it didn’t get him anything(Poor Kyle). This year he would have finished as our Best Finish winner. So, congratulations on nothing Kyle!

What is Best Finish?

Best Finish is a race to the finish. Scoring is the same, but the person who has the most points in the final four weeks walks away with some extra cash in their pocket.

Sure, this has been a season of disappointments. Sure, you stink at picking games. But, over four weeks… anyone can get lucky. And, you’ve hit your groove, you’ve realized the mistakes of the past 11 weeks and you’re ready to hit your stride. In past years, you had no incentive… but now, you have the all-mighty dollar incentivizing you. So tighten those britches and lets get serious. It’s time to show people you’re a force to be reckoned with… you just didn’t care the first 11 weeks.


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