Week 14 Quick Hits

The season is over, and the post season is here. We will be posting the results soon, so please stick with us!

Christian McCaffrey breaks Barry Sanders all-purpose yards record

Dude had a great year, but as many pointed out, he had more games. But, still, a great year.

This was called offsides

It’d be interesting to at least have seen how it could have played out otherwise!

Full video here.

Security staff gets frisky

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  • WEEK THIRTEEN WINNER:  George Strategamataletgakosamos. George barely beat out Andy for the top spot.
  • The group winning and lock percentages were near 50%.
  • Russell Kent still maintains a comfortable lead at the top.  A 4-2 week would secure the title.
  • Derek Ridgway still lead the lock race.

This is it, everyone.  Last chance to make a move, so make your picks count.

Week 13 Quick Hits

Well, interesting week with Bedlam. As a Cowboy, I cannot say I was surprised we lost, but I was surprised by the manner in which it occurred. OU is definitely the better team, so here’s to them representing the Big 12 well in the playoff!

Bedlam highlights

The only one for OSU:

And Dede Westbrook convinced Michael Hunter he was getting burned as Perine runs for a TD. *facepalm*

UGA fires a great human

Georgia proved, it’s all about titles, even when it shouldn’t be.

I don’t know if he should be fired or not, but whoever gets him is going to get someone who really does care about his players!

Les Miles not fired?

Everyone was convinced he was gone, so they carried him off the field. Continue reading



  • WEEK TWELVE WINNER:  Dan Kucab. Dan barely beat out Russ Knopp for the top spot.  After a tough mid-year stretch, Dan has since enjoyed a steady climb in the standings.  After week 6, he was in 150th.  He currently sits in 33rd.
  • It was a decent week for the group:  48.8% winning percentage.  The lock percentage was worse, as usual: 43.2%.  The group winning percentage has only been over 50% in 4 of the 12 weeks.
  • Only 14 points separate 2nd place from 6th place.
  • Derek Ridgway is leading the lock race, but several people are within striking distance.  The person with the worst lock record is 1-11, but I can’t remember his name.
  • Home teams covered the spread in only 6 of the 15 games.

Happy Thanksgiving!