Those who came before us

Many of us are new to this arena, and many things have changed. John started this in 2006 and my first year was 2009. What started with 25 people grew to 259 last season. Each year has a little different personality, such as last season:


One thing we’ve done consistently, though, is lose. Only TWICE in 9 years has the group winning percentage been over 50%. We stink, guys.

Since we’re about to commence year 10, I thought it’d be a good time to look back at those original 25:

Drew Speakes
Jeremy Tilton
Mary Stovall
Brent Baisden
Katherine Taber
Tim Young
Travis Summers
Greg Sparks
Nacho Martinez
Jason Addison
Luke Wilkerson
Renee Garnand
Dave Boettcher
Bob Maurer
Jon Taber
Jon Tallet
Daniel Smith
Ty Senour
Joe Garnand
Justin Manning
David Mesigh
Bob Wilkerson
Bary Holleyman
John Stovall
Ryan Ferguson

Now, this list may or may not be in order of finish, but we’ll leave that up to you to decide. I thought it might be a little fun to see how these have faired over the course of the competition. Below you will see those results.

[supsystic-tables id=”2″]


If you’re interested, you can see the winners, individual stats, or group stats by going to the Archives above. Don’t forget to look at the Excel documents, and you can see where you stand.

One thing we know for certain: in gambling, what goes up must come done.

If you’re at the top: prepare for impact

If you’re at the bottom: don’t screw that up



Please Register!

As we creep up on the season, we’re getting ever closer to having wasted our mon… er, possibly placing and enjoying bragging rights!

To date we’ve had 129 pay, but only 60 register for the site. TAKE NOTICE: to submit your picks, you have to be registered.

Also, invite your friends, particularly the ones that stink at picking games.

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