• Not happening this week.  Clearly, with how late I am providing the week five information, I haven’t had much free time.  It would’ve been a great week to talk about the crazy finishes in the Big 12 and the blowouts in the Pac-12.  Speaking of blowouts, there were eight games that earned bonus points this week. One of them, the 55.5 point cover by Utah, was possibly the biggest cover in PP6 history.  I’ll have to check the records.



  • WEEK FOUR WINNER:  Frank Dano.  Frank took home the weekly prize with a 5-0-1 finish. Despite not finishing 6-0, he was able to eclipse the 120 point mark.
  • The streak of bad weeks continues for the group:  43.1%.  The lock percentage was 35.2%.
  • Texas A&M was an extremely popular pick.  Their failure to cover the spread killed the group.
  • The Texas vs OSU game provided the year’s first push.  Fitting result for a bizarre game.
  • Four weeks into the season, and only six people still have a perfect lock record.  On the other hand, 20 people are 0-4!



  • With the non-conference slate of games winding down, I decided to put together a table that summarizes the results of the five “power” conferences:

Non Conference 2015


  • WEEK THREE WINNER:  Kathy Butler.  Kathy, my aunt, was the only person to go 6-0.  This is her first time to enter the PP6.  Three weeks into the season, and she has already won more money than I have in ten years.  She jumped from 230th place to 36th!
  • Seven people went 0-6.  For the year, there have been 3 times as many people go 0-6 as 6-0.
  • The group winning percentage was bad again:  43.9%.  The lock percentage was even worse:  34.9%.
  • The group and lock winning percentages were killed by Notre Dame, Texas and Ole Miss.
  • There were two really bad beats last week:  Miami vs Nebraska and California vs Texas.  Texas and Nebraska both roared back in the 4th quarter to cover the spread, and then both teams lost.  Six people suffered a double bad beat, picking both Miami and California.  5 people were lucky enough to have both Texas and Nebraska.
  • For more week three stats, click here

Week 3 Quick Hits

Week 3 brought your typical ‘what just happened’ moments. A few of them are below.

Texas does Texas things

Man, Strong really has some issues. They played well, but missed their PAT.

This is what it looks like when you learn you missed the PAT during your celebration:

  A twitter user reminded Doug Gottlieb that maybe that kicker should be practicing PATs instead of backflips

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  • OU at Tennessee:  It was an impressive comeback fueled by an impressive second half effort by the Sooner defense.  Time will tell whether or not it was an impressive win.  Going into the contest, the Volunteers were 1-26 against ranked opponents over the last five years.  By comparison, Iowa State has a 4-22 record over the same time period.  The Sooners were happy to extend Tennessee’s streak to 1-27. Now, they’ll be happy to see the Vols start beating some decent opponents.
  • OSU vs Central Arkansas:  Before the game, all most people knew about Central Arkansas was that they were an FCS School, they were probably located somewhere near the center of Arkansas, and that they would be blown out by halftime.  Check, check, check back later.  The Bears were coming off a decisive defeat at the hands of Samford University (Samford with a “Sam”, not a “Stan”).  Yet, the Cowboys needed three quarters to secure a comfortable lead.  If the offensive line does not show drastic improvement in the immediate future, there is no reason to think they ever will…and no reason to think the Cowboys could compete for anything but a mediocre bowl berth.
  • Extra points are often taken for granted.  However, as time grows short in closely contested games, the once menial task can be almost unbearable to watch….just ask Tennessee and OU fans from last weekend.  One man that does not take extra points for granted is the Iowa State placeholder.  It makes you wonder what his reaction was to the touchdown.


  • A LOOK AHEAD:  On Saturday, Miami and Nebraska will meet on the gridiron for the twelfth time.   These two storied programs are trying to find their way back to the upper crust of college football.  Seeing the week three matchup reminded me of some Miami Hurricane team pictures I saw earlier this summer:


It is hard to fathom what is going on here.  When Miami was at their best, they struck fear in their opponents.  They were fast, loud-mouthed, hard hitting players with criminal records.  It appears the current players have records, too:  Barbara Streisand records, Justin Bieber records…


  • WEEK TWO WINNERS:  Ryan Henderson, Stephanie Mehlhouse, Mike Hester and Candace Barrett.  Fortunately, you won.  You and everyone else.  The winners will split the weekly payout four ways.
  • Nobody managed to go 6-0 this week, but there were 7 people that went 0-6.
  • The group winning percentage was bad:  42.7%.  The lock percentage was even worse:  40.3%.
  • The OU vs Tennessee game was easily the most popular, with the Sooners receiving 171 of the 202 picks.
  • Had OU lost, the group winning percentage would’ve been 34.8%
  • For more week two stats, click here

Week 2 Quick Hits

Week 2.. Isn’t good to have college football back?

Sooner Magic in full force

I have to say, they have that knack. Mayfield had guts, and many Sooner fans no longer have nails.

Oklahoma State angered the official


BYU, Julius Hodges, and CP3

A BYU player got caught over the weekend, doing a dirty deed.

CP3 has a history of low blows, and Julius Hodges used the BYU incident to reminisce on CP3 doing him wrong.
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