What to look for

We hit 300 paid participants! Awesome growth! Because of that, we want to make sure everyone knows what’s going on.

Each week we try and produce a few gems for you to partake in. This is a roundup of those you can know what to watch out for.

Leaderboard page

This is what everyone comes for. This should be updated weekly by Tuesday at 9pm cst. Forgive us if we’re slow, but this is the goal.

We will also provide the top 20 finishers for that week. If you had a good record, you could be on this! It’s our way to show how far off you were from “winning” the week. We can’t all win the whole thing, but 15 of us can claim a week!

Games page

The games tab provides you with a few things. First, you the games for the upcoming week, the day they’re played, and the lines.

Also, you’ll get a summary of last weeks performance for the group. Here you’ll see what this was for Week 1 2015:

Previous Week Summary
Week 1 This Season
Average Score 69.3 69.3
6-0 Records 5 5
0-6 Records 1 1
>100 Points 42 42
Favorites 8-7-0 8-7-0
Majority 9-6-0 9-6-0
Lock Record 183-105-0 183-105-0
Overall Record 956-771-0 956-771-0

Don’t forget to check out the attached PDF! This gives you more in-depth information. Each week can have a little different personality, so it can be fun to see how you did versus the group as a whole.

Weekly Recap/Review

John always posts a brief summary of what happen the previous week. Don’t miss it! You never know what he’ll come up with. Sometimes the content is gold.

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