Week 1 Quick Hits

It’s our hope to do some fun things this year that can make this site worthwhile to stick around for a minute or two. This feature may change(or may not exist), but for now the hope is to offer some great college football reads from the weekend with our little flair.

Jordan Spieth drops a bomb on UT

What better way to open this up?

Braxton Miller spin cycle

I don’t know if I’ve seen a better spin move.

Except maybe this:

#BraxtonMiller pic.twitter.com/vY1uH7vamG — Southwell (@JustinSouthwell) September 8, 2015

“It’s my time”

Apparently this is what Va Tech’s JC Coleman says is the reason he wear this awful wrist watch:

Apparently he should have worn 2 wrist watches, because 3.6 yards per carry isn’t gonna get it done.

Some articles

Thought this was a good break-down of Rudolph and the Pokes passing attack. (NewsOK)

Baker Mayfield can dance(?) and we will see how that translates to his first road game this week. (Bleacher Report)

K State “accidentally” creates a phallic symbol and a Jayhawk. Riiiiiiight. (Yahoo)

If you had a bad week, you still have time to cram. (Grantland)

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