• No recap this week.  Time and effort was spent verifying picks, participants and entry fees.


  • WEEK ONE WINNER:  Matt Edwards.  He was one of four people to go 6-0.  It must be nice to get your money back just one week into the season.
  • One person went 0-6.  Welcome to the league, Tyler.
  • The group winning percentage was 54.9%.  The lock percentage was 62.8%.
  • The lock winning percentage was helped out by Notre Dame.  36 people locked them, while 2 people locked Texas.  Texas is still looking for their first touchdown.
  • For more week one stats, click here.

Week 1 Quick Hits

It’s our hope to do some fun things this year that can make this site worthwhile to stick around for a minute or two. This feature may change(or may not exist), but for now the hope is to offer some great college football reads from the weekend with our little flair.

Jordan Spieth drops a bomb on UT

What better way to open this up?

Braxton Miller spin cycle

I don’t know if I’ve seen a better spin move. Continue reading

What to look for

We hit 300 paid participants! Awesome growth! Because of that, we want to make sure everyone knows what’s going on.

Each week we try and produce a few gems for you to partake in. This is a roundup of those you can know what to watch out for.

Leaderboard page

This is what everyone comes for. This should be updated weekly by Tuesday at 9pm cst. Forgive us if we’re slow, but this is the goal.

We will also provide the top 20 finishers for that week. If you had a good record, you could be on this! It’s our way to show how far off you were from “winning” the week. We can’t all win the whole thing, but 15 of us can claim a week!

Games page

The games tab provides you with a few things. First, you the games for the upcoming week, the day they’re played, and the lines.

Also, you’ll get a summary of last weeks performance for the group. Here you’ll see what this was for Week 1 2015: Continue reading

PP6 2015 – WEEK ONE

So it begins.  A new season, and a renewed enthusiasm.  128 Division I FBS football programs and 250+ PP6 participants stand undefeated. For some, dreams of a special year will begin to unravel shortly after week one’s kickoff. For others, the hope is real and will endure deep into the season.  In the world of college football, championships are won with superior talent and a little luck.  In the world of the Pigskin Pick Six, you’re going to need plenty of both. History has told us that skill plays a larger role than you might think. Year after year, some of the same names seem to find their way to the top of the standings.  There is a famous quote from the movie Rounders:

Why do you think the same five guys make it to the final table of the World Series of Poker EVERY YEAR? What, are they the luckiest guys in Las Vegas?

It is a good line, but it isn’t entirely true, which is good news for those of us depending largely on lady luck.  A few seats will be grabbed by the regulars, but there will be plenty of room at the table for the lucky. Kansas isn’t going to win a National Championship in football this year, but “Kansas” could win the Pigskin Pick Six. Trevor Bowman went from finishing 214th in 2013 to winning it all last year.  It could be you this time around. Sit down.  Ante up. The fun starts Thursday.