• WEEK SIX WINNER:  Frank Dano.  If his name looks familiar, it should.  He won this thing just two weeks ago.  Pretty greedy if you ask me.  He must be near the top of the leaderboard, right?  Wrong.  When he wasn’t busy submitting great picks, he was submitting bad ones.  He has weeks of 20 points, 30 points and 0 points (forgot to submit picks).
  • The group winning percentage:  46.4%.  The lock percentage was worse: 44.1%.
  • Bob Stoops claimed that the Sooner’s rush game was comparable to the Longhorn’s rush game last week, pointing out that the average yards per carry would’ve been similar if you deducted Mayfield’s sack yards and the 81 yard run by Texas’ D’Onta Foreman.  Um, ok.  Let’s play make believe for the PP6 stats this week, too.  Had TCU and Utah covered last week, the group winning percentage would’ve been 58.7%.  The lock percentage would’ve been 69.5%.
  • Obviously, LSU was a very popular pick.  The game was moved to Baton Rouge due to flooding in South Carolina.  The point spread in the PP6 did not reflect the move, making LSU a BIG value play.  They covered, and Steve Spurrier quit.
  • Blake Perry and Herb Grover are the only two people that have a 6-0 lock record.
  • Curiously, five of the people in the Top Ten have names that start with the letter “B”.

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