Week 8 Quick Hits

Thoughts and prayers go out to the OSU family. It is sobering to see how quickly life can change.

College football craziness continues

Blocked FG turns into TD for Georgia Tech as time expires. Or just another week in college football…


Braxton Miller is good at sports

This has been a theme. It seems the transition to WR is going well, I’d say.

Utah’s run comes to an end

I don’t know about y’all, but I was cheering for them. I picked them every week just because I wanted them to make it undefeated.

James Washington gets high praise

He’s definitely not Dez, but he has put quite the highlight reel of catches together this year.

We also learned Kansas is still Kansas.

Till next week…

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    • Matt, it isn’t currently on the site. It should be updated tomorrow with the bracket, but for now it was attached to the email.

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