• WEEK EIGHT WINNER:  Frank Dano. Again.  The probability of winning one week is small, the probability of winning 3 of the first 8 weeks is infinitesimally small.  Frank doesn’t care.  If he wins another week, I am going to drag him to Vegas with me…or at least Riverwind.
  • The group winning percentage  was poor:  43.7%.  The lock percentage wasn’t much better: 44.5%.
  • We are at the point in the season where the top of the pack really begins to separate from the rest of us.  For example, the separation between 1st and 10th is the same as the separation between 10th and 106th.
  • The three lock leaders are at 7-1. Eleven people have a 1-7 lock record.
  • The most popular game of the year was a loser for the group.  207 people made a selection in the Utah vs USC game.  Vegas was begging people to pick Utah.  167 participants obliged.

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