Week 10 Quick Hits

Another crazy college football week, with the 3 longest winning streaks being snapped. As an Oklahoma State fan, I couldn’t be more thrilled. I mean,the committee REALLY ranked Memphis ahead of us? Serves them right!

Michigan St vs. Nebraska

This ending was crazy, and still some debate on the call. The conference came out and said it was the right call, but man that’s brutal.

Alabama dominates

All we know for certain now is they’ll now give out two Heisman’s.

Arkansas miracle on 4th and 25

Great goal line stand!

I’m bias, but I loved this goal line stand by Ok State:

Also, love the statistics that argue against the understanding of “great” SEC defense.

Soon the perception on college football and defense will have to change. Yards is not a good measure anymore!

Just a small sampling!

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