• WEEK TWELVE WINNER:  Dan Kucab. Dan barely beat out Russ Knopp for the top spot.  After a tough mid-year stretch, Dan has since enjoyed a steady climb in the standings.  After week 6, he was in 150th.  He currently sits in 33rd.
  • It was a decent week for the group:  48.8% winning percentage.  The lock percentage was worse, as usual: 43.2%.  The group winning percentage has only been over 50% in 4 of the 12 weeks.
  • Only 14 points separate 2nd place from 6th place.
  • Derek Ridgway is leading the lock race, but several people are within striking distance.  The person with the worst lock record is 1-11, but I can’t remember his name.
  • Home teams covered the spread in only 6 of the 15 games.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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