Week 13 Quick Hits

Well, interesting week with Bedlam. As a Cowboy, I cannot say I was surprised we lost, but I was surprised by the manner in which it occurred. OU is definitely the better team, so here’s to them representing the Big 12 well in the playoff!

Bedlam highlights

The only one for OSU:

And Dede Westbrook convinced Michael Hunter he was getting burned as Perine runs for a TD. *facepalm*

UGA fires a great human

Georgia proved, it’s all about titles, even when it shouldn’t be.

I don’t know if he should be fired or not, but whoever gets him is going to get someone who really does care about his players!

Les Miles not fired?

Everyone was convinced he was gone, so they carried him off the field.

No matter your opinion of Les, he has done a good job:

Texas Tech has some things go their way

I’m glad, because it was one of my few bright PP6 spots this week…

Also, the crazy fake victory formation.

Which Kingsbury had a special name for:

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