Week 14 Quick Hits

The season is over, and the post season is here. We will be posting the results soon, so please stick with us!

Christian McCaffrey breaks Barry Sanders all-purpose yards record

Dude had a great year, but as many pointed out, he had more games. But, still, a great year.

This was called offsides

It’d be interesting to at least have seen how it could have played out otherwise!

Full video here.

Security staff gets frisky

In a bizarre story, the security staff at Houston got crazy.

Just some bros trying to bro, man.

Houston Cougars fans taken out by security

Iowa learns their lesson: never forward pass

On one hand they love the forward pass, but I’m sure they’ll show this as a lesson for those tempting fate going foward:

Might be just me, but the joke never gets old!

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