New Features For 2016: Groups

Looking forward to this year! Everyone has a chance to win… for the moment.

As John addresses in his introduction post, with so many participating, it’s hard to win. So, we encourage you to join with a group of friends and compete together.

This year we’re offering groups. In groups you can:

  • Create a public or private group
  • Have your own conversations
  • And we’ll even track your group competition

Tracking your group results could be difficult, so we’re setting a few ground rules. First, only those playing in the main group can play in this new group feature. Second, tracking won’t be available until week 3. This allows all groups to get formed. Third, anyone joining after week 3 won’t be a part of our group leaderboard. Week 3 we’re going to pull all the groups and use that to create the leaderboard. To keep it as automated as possible, we’ve got to do it this way!

Here’s what you  need to do:

  1. Register or log-in.
  2. Update your profile. Put in some details, add an image, so we know you’re real!
  3. You need friends. Go to Profile > Members. Search members for you’d like to add to your group. Click “Add Friend”.
  4. Now create a group. Go to Profile > Groups. Click “Create a Group”. Setup your group. Once your friends accept your friend invitation, you’ll be able to invite them to your group.

If you’re doing a group for money, we’d suggest only allowing the admin and mods to invite people. This way others cannot join.

We’re hopeful this new option will make the game more enjoyable and keep you more engaged! Feedback is welcome!

11 thoughts on “New Features For 2016: Groups

  1. I cannot login to the pigskin site due to not receiving an activation email. I’ve paid on leaguesafe but can’t access my pigskin account. Can you help?

    • Keaton, you can submit your picks without logging in. Logging in is only necessary for groups. Also, I approved your log-in!

  2. I’m having the same problem as the above user. I haven’t ever received an activation email. Could you activate my account so that I can use the groups feature?

    • Brandon, this is really vague? If you’re saying they’re not on the members list, that could mean they didn’t register on the website. You should be able to now send email invitations, so I’d try that.

  3. Okay, so I created my group and the people I want to invite to the group have signed up and paid. How do I send invites to these people now?

  4. Clayton, You can go to Profile and then Members. Find their name and send a friendship request. Once they accept, you can go to your group page and invite them.

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