Wow! 377ish sign-ups! Good luck!

Wow, another year, another massive growth. We broke the 300 barrier last year, and look to have over 375 participants this year. We also surpassed 500 total participants over the course of the contest! You’re making our jobs hard, but that’s a good thing. Here’s a chart of our growth:


  • Out of 80 newcomers last year, 49 returned. I’d say that’s a good retention rate!
  • It looks like we have over 100 new participants this year! Great growth!
  • 17 of last years top 20 returned and 9 of 10 in the top 10. So only 1 took their money and ran, and 11-20 weren’t too discouraged by just missing out.

New year, new participants, so why not highlight some past great performances?

2015 was average

Average win percentage and lock win percentage were the exact same: 48.1%. This is the first time in the history of the league they’ve been exactly the same. By going to the group stats page, you can see average is right at 50% over the 10 seasons of PP6. So y’all were mediocre to average.

Ode to the multiple winners

We’ve had 55 unique winners in 10 years, with these below placing twice:

Brandon Harris
Brian Patton
Jeff Parks
John Mellish
Katherine Taber
Larry Smith
Linda Smith
Rusty Moore

To see more on individual stats (and download the spreadsheets), go to the individual stats page.

10 years, extraordinary pickers

Of those who have played all 10 years of PP6 history, 5 of the 11 have over a 50% winning percentage, but only Jonathan Taber, at 53.9%, is in the top 10 percent of all pickers who have played more than one year. Also, a shout out to Drew Speakes who at 52.1% winning percentage keeps him just inside the top 25% of pickers.

The 11 have an average winning percentage of 49.7%, just a bit higher than the group as a whole.

Newbies return

Brad Rice, Blake Perry, Frank Dano, & Justin Hess placed in their first year of the competition last year and return this year for more. Just shows we don’t discriminate. The average seasons played for last year’s top 10 was 3.3.

3 long time vets placed for the first time:

  • Russell Kent (7 years)
  • Wes Reed (6 years)
  • Jason Rhines (9 years!)

So I guess it all evens out.

Look forward to another great year… we’re currently working on getting week one finalized and should have it to you soon!

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