• Yogi Berra once famously quipped, “It ain’t over till it’s over”.  In the case of Oklahoma State vs Central Michigan, “It ain’t over till after it’s over.”  In one of the wildest finishes in college football history, CMU upset (in more ways than one) the Cowboys.  By rule, OSU won the game.  That fact cannot be disputed.  By decision, CMU was awarded the win, despite their touchdown being scored after the game was over.  Yes, after the game was over.  Make sense out of that.  Fair or not, the score won’t change now.  As my wife humorously suggested, if  Steve Harvey and the organizers of the Miss Universe pageant can get it right after the fact, why can’t college football?



  • WEEK TWO WINNER:  Kabinga Maini.  Just like last week, two people went 6-0 (Kabinga and David Boettcher). Sorry, Dave.  You were outscored.  Get ’em next time.  Next time, based on historical PP6 data (participants have 1:140 odds of going 6-0) will be in 2026.
  • The group winning percentage was bad, really bad:  42.9%.  The lock percentage was even worse: 37.7%.  This should prove to be one of the worst weeks of the year.
  • 10 people went 0-6, while only 2 people went 6-0.
  • The Big 12 killed the group this week.  The three most popular picks were OSU, TCU and Texas Tech.  They were all ATS losers.
  • The six most popular picks went 1-5 this week.
  • In case you were wondering, the official score of the OSU vs CMU game did not affect the weekly winner.  Kabinga would’ve won whether the score was 27-24 or 27-30.

You can find a summary of the weekly results in the “Games” tab.


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