• Oklahoma set a stadium attendance record for their game against Ohio State.  87,979 people watched the game…87,983 if you include the Sooner cornerbacks.
  • Oklahoma State striped the stadium for the Pittsburgh game.  It was striped in orange, white and aluminum.
  • Last week was full of bad beats and back door covers.  In six of the fifteen games, the ATS outcome was decided in the final 3:30 minutes of the game.  Four of the six games were particularly painful, or satisfying, depending on your perspective (listed below).  None of the PP6 participants lost all four games, but four participants did lose 3 of the 4.
    • Iowa State scored twice in the final six minutes to cover the 24 point spread against TCU, sealing the deal with a “meaningless” field goal with one minute to play.
    • After trailing 24-3, Alabama roared back to take a 48-3o lead over Ole Miss.  Mississippi scored two touchdowns, eight seconds apart, in the final 3 minutes of the game.
    • LSU got out to a 23-3 lead over Mississippi State.  MSU scored the game’s final 17 points to cover the spread, including two touchdowns in the final 4:30 seconds.
    • UCLA jumped out to a 17-0 lead over BYU.  The Cougars answered with two touchdowns of their own.  The final TD came with 0:37 left to play and allowed them to cover the 3.5 point spread.  Ouch.
  • I usually reserve PP6 specific results for the section listed below.  However, Michael Patton deserves special attention this week, if for no other reason than to jinx him.  He is off to a ridiculous start, going 16-2 through the first three weeks.  If you include the final two weeks from last season, his last five scores have been 91-102-104-101-124.  Michael, you realize that almost everybody is rooting against you, right?  I say almost everybody because I see that you have some family members in the competition.  I imagine they’d like to see your good fortune continue, especially if Jeannie is your Mom or wife.  Maybe not so much if she is your sister-in-law.  Other than your family, 96% of the participants would like to see you go 1-5, because you can’t wish 0-6 on anyone.  The other 4% want you to go 5-1, but only because they think you list losses first and wins second.


  • WEEK THREE WINNER:  Rusty Risenhoover.  Three people went 6-0 last week.  Rusty’s 128 points were enough to get him the win.
  • The group winning percentage was ok:  48.4%.  The lock percentage was slightly worse: 45.5%.
  • The pick distribution was much more even than usual.  45% of the picks were for the underdog.  However, only 34% of the locks were for underdogs.
  • Home Underdogs went 5-2.
  • The leaderboard for each of the individual groups is now included on the leaderboard page.

You can find a summary of the weekly results in the “Games” tab.

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