Shortly after posting the results, we realized that there was a scoring error for some people.  We’ve had trouble with the Pick Form recognizing the “&” in “Texas A&M”.  Last week, we changed it to “Texas AM”, but some people made a pick in the Arkansas vs Texas A&M game while they were still listed as “Texas A&M”.  The spreadsheet that calculates the results did not recognize “Texas A&M”, which caused it to falsely award Arkansas the win in that scenario.  The week four results have been updated.  I apologize for the mistake.


  • WEEK FOUR WINNER:  Scott Nunley.  Nine people went 6-0 this week, including our very own Kurtis Hanni.   Next time, you guys need to pick a better week to go 6-0.
  • The group winning percentage was fantastic:  59.0%.  The lock percentage was even better: 67.1%.  I would be shocked if this doesn’t end up being the best week of the year.
  • Nobody went 0-6.
  • 69 people scored 100 points or more, which is more than the first three weeks combined.
  • Favorites went 11-4 ATS.  Anytime that happens, the group is going to have a great week.
  • The most popular pick of the week should’ve, at best, been a push.  In the Stanford vs Ucla game, Stanford scored a TD with :24 seconds remaining.  That TD put them up three, which would’ve pushed the -3 spread.  As time expired, they return a fumble for a TD, covering the 3 point spread. Had UCLA, the group winning percentage would’ve only been 50.3%, the lock winning percentage would’ve been 49.4%, 4 people would’ve been 6-0 (with Matt Edwards as the winner) and 3 people would’ve gone 0-6.



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