• WEEK SIX WINNER:  Jeff Harbison.  Jeff scored 126 points, despite only going 5-1.  He even outscored two people that went 5-0-1.
  • The group winning percentage was average:  47.0%.  The lock percentage was slightly worse: 46.8%.
  • For the first time this year, nobody went 6-0.  Three people went 0-6.
  • Michael Patton’s absurd run continues.  He could go 0-6 the next four weeks and still have a winning record.
  • Four of the fifteen games resulted in maximum bonus points.  Prior to week six, there had only been a total of five all season.
  • North Carolina and Stanford, two of the three most popular picks, were ATS losers.
  • The group majority went for the underdog in only 4 of the 15 games.  3 of those 4 were winners.

You can find a summary of the weekly results in the “Games” tab.


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