• WEEK SEVEN WINNER:  Vincent Puckett.  We had 5 people go 6-0.  Vincent barely edged out Jeff Parks for the weekly prize.  It should also be noted that Tyler Hoisington went 6-0 for the second time this year, but he has failed to win either week.  Bitter sweet.  Mostly bitter.
  • The group winning percentage and lock winning percentages were the second best of the year:  51.7% and 61.0%, respectively.  It is also just the second time this year that the lock winning percentage was better than the overall winning percentage.
  • Only one person went 0-6 this week.  He’ll remain nameless…no he won’t.  It was Jason Kurien.
  • The most popular pick of the week, Washington State, was the biggest winner of the year.  ie:  93% of the people who made a pick in that game were winners.
  • Despite an even distribution of picks in the Stanford vs Notre Dame (65-59), there was a big disparity in the lock distribution: 17 to 3 in favor of Stanford.
  • Michael Patton had his first losing week of the year, but he still holds a 59 point lead over 2nd place.
  • The Elimination Bracket begins in week eight.  The last person in was Haley Papageorge.  The last person out was James Beins.

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