• WEEK THIRTEEN WINNER:  Trevor Bowman.  Our 2014 PP6 champion has quietly climbed the leaderboard in recent weeks, culminating with this weekly winning performance.    After week ten, he was in 89th place.  He is now in 4th place.  Two others went 6-0 this week.
  • The group winning and lock winning percentages were average:  48.8% and 46.0%, respectively.
  • This could end up being the first year in PP6 history that 6-0 records have outnumbered 0-6.  They currently lead 61 to 60.
  • We have still have a two way race for 1st place, with Michael Patton still maintaining a small lead over Rick Wampler.
  • The Lock Race:  Andrew Rowlan has a 1/2 game lead over Zach Favors and Justin Darr.
  • The Best Finish Award: Trevor Bowman leads the way, but several people are within striking distance.
  • The Elimination Bracket:  It comes down to Rick Wampler (currently in 2nd place) and John Eanes (currently in 75th place).
  • The group majority favored the underdog in four games:  Washington State, Nebraska, Michigan State and South Carolina.  They were all losers.



  • WEEK TWELVE WINNER:  Cash Greathouse.  Eleven people went 6-0 this week, which is the second highest total of the year.  Tough to beat a guy named Cash Greathouse, especially when he scores 136 points.
  • This was the second best week of the year.  The winning percentage was 56.8%.  The lock percentage was an impressive 64.2%.
  • There have been the exact same number of 0-6 records as 6-0s:  58 each.
  • Michael Patton has taken a commanding 82 point lead with two weeks to go.
  • The gap between 1st place and 4th place (181 points) is the same as the gap between 4th place and 182nd place.
  • Justin Darr is still leading the lock race at 11-1.
  • The worst lock record is Justin Manning at 1-10-1.
  • We are down to the final four in the bracket:  John Eanes, Michael Cummins, Clint Spaulding and Rick Wampler.  Mitch Lied lost his match against Clint Spaulding, despite scoring 91 points.  Rick Wampler won his matchup against Jimmy Nummy, despite scoring only 43 points.
  • Teams favored by 20 or more points went 2-4.
  • The most popular picks of the week were home grown:  OU and OSU.  Both teams won and covered, setting up a defacto Big 12 Championship game in Norman.

Happy Thanksgiving!



  • WEEK ELEVEN WINNER:  Eric Jordan.  Two people went 6-0 this week:  Eric and myself.  Eric beat me by one point and climbed out of the cellar.
  • It was another solid week for the group.  The winning percentage was 50.9%.  The lock percentage was 50.3%.
  • Despite having an almost identical winning percentage as last week, there were only 2 people that went 6-0, as compared to 12 last week.
  • For only the second time this year, nobody went 0-6.
  • I had gone 10.5 years without going 6-0 and then went back-to-back.  My streak of never collecting a dime is still intact.
  • Rick Wampler has slowly chipped away at Michael Patton’s lead.  They have separated themselves from the rest of the pack.
  • Justin Darr leads the lock race at 10-1.  Two people are 1/2 game back.  Four others are just a game back.  Justin Manning is in last at 1-9-1.
  • We are down to the elite eight in the bracket.  The highest ranked player remaining is Rick Wampler (2nd place).  The lowest ranked player is John Eanes (104th place).
  • Of the people who’ve made picks every week of the year, Bary Holleyman has the worst record:  20-44-2.  The inverse of his record would be good enough for 2nd place.
  • The most popular pick of the week, Washington, was a loser.  The least popular pick of the week, Georgia Tech, was a winner.



  • WEEK TEN WINNER:  Chris Caine.  Twelve people went 6-0 this week.  Chris’ 141 points were the most scored so far this year, and it moved him from 133rd place to 36th.
  • The group results were solid.  The winning percentage was 51.0%.  The lock percentage was even better: 61.5%.
  • Although it was only the third best week of the year, the twelve 6-0’s were easily the year’s best.
  • The gap between 1st and 10th is the same as the gap between 10th and 203rd.
  • The two most popular picks were ATS winners:  Oklahoma State and Alabama.
  • Justin Darr and Andrew Rowlan are tied atop the lock standings with 9-1 records.  They both have losing records overall.



  • WEEK NINE WINNER:  Kristoffer Karnes.  In a week where points were hard to come by, Kristoffer tied the season’s highest total.  He jumped from 310th place to 168th.  Three others went 6-0 this week.
  • The group winning and lock winning percentages were the worst of the year:  41.5% and 35.0%, respectively.
  • 19 people went 0-6! 19!
  • Michael Patton still holds the lead, but Rick Wampler is right on his tail.
  • Four people are tied for the best lock record at 8-1:  Mark Sayers, Greg Rossman, Justin Darr and Andrew Rowlan.  Interestingly, Justin and Andrew have losing records overall.
  • Baylor was the most popular pick of the week and the most popular lock of the year.  Needless to say, their loss really hurt the group.
  • We are in the midst of what has to be the most remarkable run in PP6 history.  Unfortunately, it is a run that nobody would ever want to experience.  Thru four weeks, Jason Kurien was enjoying a great start to the season.  He had a 15-8-1 record and was in 13th place.  His luck slipped during week five, but he was still in good shape.  Since then, he’s suffered through an absolutely abysmal stretch.  How abysmal, you ask?  1-22-1, abysmal.  I give him credit for continuing to submit picks.  If I can’t win a week (which I can’t, as history has proven), I hope he does.