• WEEK NINE WINNER:  Kristoffer Karnes.  In a week where points were hard to come by, Kristoffer tied the season’s highest total.  He jumped from 310th place to 168th.  Three others went 6-0 this week.
  • The group winning and lock winning percentages were the worst of the year:  41.5% and 35.0%, respectively.
  • 19 people went 0-6! 19!
  • Michael Patton still holds the lead, but Rick Wampler is right on his tail.
  • Four people are tied for the best lock record at 8-1:  Mark Sayers, Greg Rossman, Justin Darr and Andrew Rowlan.  Interestingly, Justin and Andrew have losing records overall.
  • Baylor was the most popular pick of the week and the most popular lock of the year.  Needless to say, their loss really hurt the group.
  • We are in the midst of what has to be the most remarkable run in PP6 history.  Unfortunately, it is a run that nobody would ever want to experience.  Thru four weeks, Jason Kurien was enjoying a great start to the season.  He had a 15-8-1 record and was in 13th place.  His luck slipped during week five, but he was still in good shape.  Since then, he’s suffered through an absolutely abysmal stretch.  How abysmal, you ask?  1-22-1, abysmal.  I give him credit for continuing to submit picks.  If I can’t win a week (which I can’t, as history has proven), I hope he does.

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