• WEEK ELEVEN WINNER:  Eric Jordan.  Two people went 6-0 this week:  Eric and myself.  Eric beat me by one point and climbed out of the cellar.
  • It was another solid week for the group.  The winning percentage was 50.9%.  The lock percentage was 50.3%.
  • Despite having an almost identical winning percentage as last week, there were only 2 people that went 6-0, as compared to 12 last week.
  • For only the second time this year, nobody went 0-6.
  • I had gone 10.5 years without going 6-0 and then went back-to-back.  My streak of never collecting a dime is still intact.
  • Rick Wampler has slowly chipped away at Michael Patton’s lead.  They have separated themselves from the rest of the pack.
  • Justin Darr leads the lock race at 10-1.  Two people are 1/2 game back.  Four others are just a game back.  Justin Manning is in last at 1-9-1.
  • We are down to the elite eight in the bracket.  The highest ranked player remaining is Rick Wampler (2nd place).  The lowest ranked player is John Eanes (104th place).
  • Of the people who’ve made picks every week of the year, Bary Holleyman has the worst record:  20-44-2.  The inverse of his record would be good enough for 2nd place.
  • The most popular pick of the week, Washington, was a loser.  The least popular pick of the week, Georgia Tech, was a winner.

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