• WEEK TWELVE WINNER:  Cash Greathouse.  Eleven people went 6-0 this week, which is the second highest total of the year.  Tough to beat a guy named Cash Greathouse, especially when he scores 136 points.
  • This was the second best week of the year.  The winning percentage was 56.8%.  The lock percentage was an impressive 64.2%.
  • There have been the exact same number of 0-6 records as 6-0s:  58 each.
  • Michael Patton has taken a commanding 82 point lead with two weeks to go.
  • The gap between 1st place and 4th place (181 points) is the same as the gap between 4th place and 182nd place.
  • Justin Darr is still leading the lock race at 11-1.
  • The worst lock record is Justin Manning at 1-10-1.
  • We are down to the final four in the bracket:  John Eanes, Michael Cummins, Clint Spaulding and Rick Wampler.  Mitch Lied lost his match against Clint Spaulding, despite scoring 91 points.  Rick Wampler won his matchup against Jimmy Nummy, despite scoring only 43 points.
  • Teams favored by 20 or more points went 2-4.
  • The most popular picks of the week were home grown:  OU and OSU.  Both teams won and covered, setting up a defacto Big 12 Championship game in Norman.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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