• WEEK THIRTEEN WINNER:  Trevor Bowman.  Our 2014 PP6 champion has quietly climbed the leaderboard in recent weeks, culminating with this weekly winning performance.    After week ten, he was in 89th place.  He is now in 4th place.  Two others went 6-0 this week.
  • The group winning and lock winning percentages were average:  48.8% and 46.0%, respectively.
  • This could end up being the first year in PP6 history that 6-0 records have outnumbered 0-6.  They currently lead 61 to 60.
  • We have still have a two way race for 1st place, with Michael Patton still maintaining a small lead over Rick Wampler.
  • The Lock Race:  Andrew Rowlan has a 1/2 game lead over Zach Favors and Justin Darr.
  • The Best Finish Award: Trevor Bowman leads the way, but several people are within striking distance.
  • The Elimination Bracket:  It comes down to Rick Wampler (currently in 2nd place) and John Eanes (currently in 75th place).
  • The group majority favored the underdog in four games:  Washington State, Nebraska, Michigan State and South Carolina.  They were all losers.

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