• WEEK FOURTEEN WINNER:  Justin Hess.  He was the only person to go 6-0, outscoring the next closest competitor, Rick Wampler, by 22 points.
  • The group winning and lock winning percentages were easily the worst of the year:  39.8% and 33.1%, respectively.
  • Eight people went 0-6.
  • The four most popular picks were ATS losers:  Navy, Clemson, Wisconsin and OSU.
  • Michael Patton took over 1st place in week two and had not relinquished it all year…until…Rick Wampler dropped 109 points in the final week to edge him out by 2 points.  2 measly points.  Third place, Travis Phelan, finished 91 points behind Michael.
  • The Lock Race:  Going into the final week, Andrew Rowlan had a 1/2 game lead over Zach Favors and Justin Darr.  All three of them lost their locks, which opened the way for Jason Hall and Jeff Harbison.  There was a three way tie for the best record between Jason Hall, Jeff Harbison and Andrew Rowlan.  The tie-breaker, most overall points, put Jason in 1st place, Jeff in 2nd place and Andrew in 3rd place.  Only the top two spots get paid.
  • The Best Finish Award: Cody Miller won the prize with a solid 18-6 record.
  • The Elimination Bracket:  The championship game was a massive dud.  When you score the 2nd most points of the entire group, as Rick Wampler did, you are almost assured of the victory.  When your opponent, John Eanes, goes 0-6, well…
  • Only 2 people in the top 20 of the final standings won a week.
  • Bary Holleyman finished with the worst overall record at 28-54-2, which would’ve been good enough for 3rd place if reversed.
  • The highest ranked player without a 100 point week was Russell Kent in 34th place.  The next highest was Mitch Lied in 62nd.
  • The highest ranked player with a 0 point week was Trevor Bowman in 5th place.
  • Clay Stephens was the highest ranked player with a losing lock record.  He finished in 11th place.
  • Brent Baisden was the lowest ranked player with a winning lock record.  He finished in 306th place.