• Shortly after Baker Mayfield stuck a fork in the Ohio State football team, he stuck tried sticking an OU flag into the center of their field.  The gesture received national attention.  Mayfield later apologized, saying he didn’t mean for it to be disrespectful.  Kind of like Penn State coach, James Franklin, didn’t mean to disrespect Pittsburgh when he said, “I know last year beating us for them was like the Super Bowl.  This was just like beating Akron for us.” On a side note: Next time Baker wants to stick a flag in artificial turf, he needs to bring along a flag pole base or patio umbrella stand.  I bet he could find one on summer close-out right now at Home Depot.


  • Baylor, Baylor, Baylor.  This is my third week in a row to include Baylor in a post.  I promise this is the last one for a while.  They just make it so easy.  Like Tennessee and a handful of other teams, they too have found an interesting way to celebrate forced turnovers.  They opted to go with a toy basketball goal. Baylor used it for the first time last Saturday, as they were able to force the season’s first turnover.  It came in a losing effort, but give them credit.  They gave UTSA all they wanted.  I am not sure if Baylor bought a Little Tikes Playhouse or some other toy to celebrate wins, but if they did, I hope they kept the receipt.


  • Question: If you have third and goal from the seven yard line, how many yards do you need to score a touchdown?  Answer:  93.


  • WEEK TWO WINNER:  Trevor Peterson.  So far this year, the elusive 6-0 hasn’t been quite as elusive as it usually is.  Ten people accomplished the feat this week.  Trevor Peterson led the way with 129 points.
  • The group winning and lock winning percentages were really good again:  55.4% and 61.7%, respectively.
  • After a record setting week of seeing 78 people scoring 100 points or more, this week was not too far off:  69 people scored 100 points or more.
  • Through two weeks, 6-0 records have outpaced 0-6 records by a score of 18-7.  There has never been a season where we saw more perfect weeks than Ofers.  Ofers have some work to do.
  • Home teams were a shocking 3-12 against the spread.
  • The two most popular picks of the week, Oklahoma State and Clemson, were ATS winners.
  • Through two weeks, we still haven’t had a game earn the maximum bonus points.
  • All 30 teams received at least 2 lock picks.  It doesn’t sound like much, but that is actually very rare.  There are several weeks where a team or two will not receive any lock picks.

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