• Penn State’s coach, James Franklin, showed up in last week’s recap.  Last week it was for what he said.  This week, it’s for what he did.  Trailing 56-0 with 9 ticks left on the clock, Georgia State lined up for a 31 yard field goal attempt.  Franklin wasn’t having it.  He called timeout immediately before the snap; icing the kicker and, subsequently, securing the shutout. Stay classy, Franklin.
  • The Florida vs Tennessee game ended on what is being called a “Hail Mary”.  Although, it was more “crazy long post pattern” than “Hail Mary”.  Florida’s quarterback, Feleipe Franks, launched a 67 yard missile that hit his receiver in stride.  It wasn’t as long of a throw as Kordell Stewart’s bomb from the ’94 Michigan game (see below), but he seemed to throw it with less effort.  No crow-hop.  Just a monstrous 67 yard strike.  Brad Nessler’s call of the play was great (what else would you expect from him).  Florida’s radio call was about what you’d expect.  The announcer lost his mind.  Both calls are included below. In case you were wondering, 64 people in our competition hated the throw.  74 people loved it.

Kordell Stewart’s Throw:

Brad Nessler’s Call:

The Radio Call:


  • WEEK THREE WINNER:  Chris Robinson.  Here’s to you, Mr. Robinson.  Chris scored 130 point in route to his win.  Greg Delano and Kevin Manning also went 6-0, but they only won the satisfaction of a perfect week.
  • The group winning and lock winning percentages came back down to Earth:  47.8% and 48.6%, respectively.
  • It was the first week 0-6 records (6) outnumbered 6-0 records (3).
  • Double digit favorites were 5-1.
  • The underdogs only received the majority of the picks in two games, Illinois and California.  Cal covered.  Illinois didn’t.
  • The two most popular picks of the week were Oklahoma State and Kansas State.  OSU covered.  KSU didn’t.
  • Mississippi State was the first team of the year to earn the maximum bonus points.  43 people picked them.  3 people earned 10 bonus points by locking them.
  • Bryan Colley is currently in 1st place, but 25 people are only one game back.  70 people are within two games of the lead.

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