Thanks again Kurtis for all your help this year.  I could not do this without you.  Now, onto the results…


  • WEEK FOURTEEN WINNER:  Mason McCowen.  Four people went 6-0.  15 people finished the week without a loss!  Mason outscored them all with his 131 points.
  • Last year, the final week was the worst of the year.  This year, it was one of the best.  It was only topped by Week One.  The group winning and lock winning percentages were great:  55.7% and 69.5%, respectively.
  • For only the second time this year, nobody went 0-6.
  • OU was easily the most popular pick of the week.  The lock distribution is one of the biggest discrepancies in PP6 history:  82-0, in favor of the Sooners.  OU won and covered.
  • The group majority went with the underdog in five games:  Stanford, Akron, Louisiana Monroe, Georgia and Wisconsin.  ULM was the only team not to cover.
  • The four most popular picks were ATS losers:  Navy, Clemson, Wisconsin and OSU.
  • The Top Ten saw a big shake-up.  Nobody held onto the same ranking as Week 13, and Blake Roth was the only person to move just one spot (10th to 9th).
  • Cole Grinnell saved his best week for last, going 6-0 and capturing the 2017 PP6 Title.  He entered the week in 4th place, 20 points behind the lead.
  • Despite a solid week (78 points), Stephanie Hoisington fell from 1st to 3rd.  She missed out on 2nd place by one point.  One point.
  • Brad Knowles was the only person to drop out of the Top Ten.  Amberlea Smith took his spot.  However, all was not lost for Brad, because……
  • The Lock Race:  Brad Knowles captured the “Lock of the Week” Title.  He finished 12-2, which was 1/2 game better than Jimmy Smith and Chelsie Darr.  Unfortunately for Chelsie, only the top two spots get paid and Jimmy won the tie-breaker by having more total points.  Smiles all-around in the Smith household.
  • Frank Dano finished the year with an incredible 0-13 lock record!
  • The Best Finish Award: Weston McCann won the prize with a solid 18-5-1 record. He was in 302nd place when the competition started.  He is proof that just because you’ve had a bad year doesn’t mean you can’t go on a good run.
  • The Elimination Bracket:  The point of the bracket is to spread the wealth.  Jeffrey Szul had other plans. He beat out Jason Overbey for the title.  Jason was was consistently good during his run to the championship game, but good wasn’t good enough in the Finals.  Szul outscored him 108 to 61.
  • Everyone in the Top Ten except John Fuhrman and Blake Lee had at least two 100+ point weeks.
  • The highest ranked player with a 0 point week was Bill McManus in 35th place.  Last year, Trevor Bowman finished in 5th place despite a 0 point week.
  • Huck Briese (5th place in the standings) finished the year with a 4-8-2 lock record.  To find the next person with only 4 correct lock picks, you had to scroll down to Thomas Adler in 65th place.

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