• Raise your hand if you want to start the season over.

  • Few things in this world or the world of college football are guaranteed.  A few things though are pretty darn close:
    1. Texas will begin the season over-rated.  How many times has this scenario been rinsed and repeated.  Fox analyst, Robert Smith, made the most egregious projection.  He selected them as one of his College Football Playoff teams, yet they couldn’t even get past the Jacks of Diamonds.
    2. Kansas football will be Kansas football. Can you be overrated when you’re perennially picked to finish last in your conference?  If so, Kansas is.  Even so, they outdid themselves when they lost to Nicholls State.  The scariest stat was that they could only muster 56 rushing yards on 32 attempts….against Nicholls State.
    3. Alabama will kickoff the college football season by dominating a solid Power 5 opponent. Kind of like when OnCue moves in across the street from another gas station.  You pretty much know how it ends before it even begins.  In this case, the gas station was Louisville.


  • WEEK ONE WINNER:  Cash Greathouse.  429 attempts, and only 3 people went 6-0:  Cash Greathouse, Alex Bourland, and Brent Baisden. Cash Greathouse led the way with 129 points….he is also near the top of the leaderboard in “All-Name Team”.  I have to also acknowledge Kirk Shelton.  He went 5-0, but didn’t have an opportunity to win the week because of the cancelled game.  For peace of mind, lets assume that pick would’ve been a loss.  Ok? Ok.
  • The group winning and lock winning percentages were very average:  49.3% and 53.0%, respectively.  At least the lock percentage was higher than the overall.  It’s often not.
  • Only 21 people scored 100 points or more.
  • Three people went 6-0, and five people went 0-6.
  • In what I think has to be a PP6 first, we did not have one home underdog on the pick form.
  • Strangely, 11 of the 14 games resulted in bonus points.  It’s usually lower than that.
  • Four games resulted in a 3-point bonus.  Three of those four games were double-digits spreads.
  • The two most popular game was Notre Dame vs Michigan: 273 people made a pick in that game.
  • The most popular lock, West Virginia, was an easy winner.  They were also the most popular overall pick.
  • The least popular pick of the week was North Carolina.  They earned a backdoor push against California by scoring two touchdowns in the final 7 minutes.

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