Thanks again Kurtis for all your help this year.  I could not do this without you.  Now, onto the results…


  • WEEK FOURTEEN WINNER:  Rusty Moore.  The last hurrah of the year went to Rusty.  He ended a disappointing season with a bang by capturing the weekly prize.  He beat out four other participants who went 6-0.  Interestingly, they all scored 121 points.
  • The group winning and lock winning percentages were solid:  50.6% and 50.1%, respectively.
  • For the season, the overall winning percentage (49.6%) was slightly better than the lock percentage (48.2%)
  • Four people went 6-0.
  • The final tally for the season: 6-0 occurred 70.  0-6 occurred 94 times.
  • The OU vs Texas rematch was the most popular game, with the picks being pretty evenly distributed.  158 picks for OU.  101 picks for Texas.  A called-back kick return secured the cover for the Sooners.
  • The next two most popular picks (Alabama and Boise State), failed to cover the spread.
  • The group majority went with the underdog in only three games:  Akron, California and Pitt.  Akron was the only one to cover.
  • For the year, the “Majority 6” and Group Majority were exactly .500.
  • Generally speaking, it was a pretty average week for the Week 13 Top Ten.  Tony Schroeder and Mike Stovall were the only two people to eclipse the 100-point mark, which allowed to people previously outside the Top Ten (Derek Ridgway and Jon Taber) to find their way in.
  • Herb Grover and Derek Ridgway only had one 100 point week all year.  They are the only two people in the Top Ten without at least two 100 point weeks.
  • The gap between 1st and 3rd (55 points) is the same as the gap between 10th and 29th.
  • The Lock Race:  Cory W captured the “Lock of the Week” Title.  He finished 12-2, which was 1 game better than anyone else.  There was a four-way tie for second in the lock race.  Derek Ridgway, Jon Taber, Christopher McIntosh and Dan Bright all went 11-3.  Derek wins the tie breaker by having the most total points.
  • On the other end of the spectrum, Doug Reigle and Bart Brewer had 2-12 lock records.
  • The Best Finish Award: Richie Howells won the prize with a solid 19-5 record over the final four weeks.  He jumped from 192nd after Week 10 to a final position of 19th.
  • The Elimination Bracket:  Peter Sanborn beat out Steve McLanahan for the title.