• WEEK THREE WINNER:  Dale Sheller.  Eleven people went 6-0!  Dale (128 points) edged out TDowdell83 and Doug Reigle to take home the weekly prize.  Its the second time in as many weeks that a newbie has earned the top score.  So much for paying your dues.
  • Its rare to have 10 or more people go a perfect 6-0.  It happened only three times last year.
  • Kris K was the only person to go 0-6.  Sorry, Kris.  The good news is….well, there is no good news.
  • The group and lock winning percentages were both great: 59.4% and 65.1%, respectively.
  • There were some HUGE pick disparities this week.  Seven games had at least a 100-pick disparity between the underdog and favorite.  Three games had a greater than 200-pick disparity.  In every case, the action was on the side of the favorite.
  • 74% of this week’s picks were for the favorites!
  • 87.8% of the locks were placed on the favorites!
  • Favorites actually had a losing week against the spread (6-8-1), yet the scoring average for the group was 73.7 points.  Clearly, the picks for the favorites were loaded heavily in the right spots.
  • Nobody locked South Carolina against Alabama.  Not one.  They covered of course.
  • OSU (279 picks) and OU (257 picks) were the two most popular sides.  They both covered.  In fact, the top 4 most popular picks covered the spread.
  • The group majority went with two underdogs:  Iowa State and Kansas State.  Both teams were ATS winners.
  • We had our first push of the year, and it happened in dramatic fashion.  Florida scored on a 76 yard TD run with 33 seconds left to push the 8 point spread.  Seconds earlier, Kentucky had missed a 35 yard field goal, which would’ve given them a 23-21 lead.
  • We have a new PP6 leader.  J Thompson is 15-2-1 and has scored at least 105 points every week.
  • Corbin Tirey is 2-15-1 and has scored nowhere near 105 points every week.
  • 96 people have a 3-0 lock record.

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