• WEEK FIVE WINNER:  Matt Bartholomew.  Tough competition for the top spot this week.  16 people went 6-0, an all time Pigskin Pick Six record.  Matt led the way with 138 points!
  • Only three people went 0-6.
  • The group and lock winning percentages were excellent:  59.1% and 68.8%, respectively.
  • 112 people scored 100 points or more…another record.
  • For the third time this year, the “Majority 6” went 5 -1!
  • The OSU vs KSU game was the most popular game of the year (311 picks between the two teams).  OSU received most of those picks (267).
  • Favorites were 10-5.
  • The five most popular picks were all ATS winners.
  • 5 underdogs received more interest than the favorites.  They were all ATS losers except Ole Miss against Alabama.
  • Oklahoma State and Ohio State received a combined 171 lock picks. That represents 36% of the total locks placed last week.  Both teams covered.
  • Chad Capra is on fire.  His worst week was 84 points in Week 4.  Stop, Chad.  Just stop.
  • 36 people still have a perfect lock record!  At this point last year, there were only 6.
  • 9 people are 0-5.
  • Snappalicious is in 155th place.  I mention him for no other reason his name being snappalicious.

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