• WEEK SEVEN TOP SCORE:  Another week where we have a top score belonging to one person. This time it is Jared Hunter. He had the only 6-0.
  • QUARTER 2 WINNER: Casey Hulme. He edged out Zac McCoy and Max Briese. They all had 14-4 records, but Casey scored the most points. Casey was in 201st place after Week 4. He is in 32nd place now.
  • The group and lock winning percentages were solid, 51.0% and 51.6% respectively.
  • The 0-6 records continue to outpace the 6-0 records by a wide margin. We saw 4 more 0-6 records this week, pushing the yearly total to 57. There have only been 19 people go 6-0.
  • The group majority was only 2-4 this week, despite an overall winning percentage of 51%.
  • The group majority was correct on 2 of 3 three most popular picks: OU and Alabama.
  • Cincinnati’s route of SMU resulted in the maximum bonus points, which is the first time since Week 3 and only the second time all year.
  • The most popular lock, Oklahoma State, left the back door open against Iowa State.
  • Alabama received 222 picks this week, making them the most popular selection of the year. They won and covered against Tennessee.
  • Zach McCoy still has the lead in the standings, but only 11 points separate 1st from 4th.
  • Noble Smith final lost a lock. He is now 6-1 for the year, along with Greg Delano.

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