• WEEK NINE TOP SCORE:  Four people tied for the top score: WD, Jeffrey Morris, Jeff Enkelmann and Matt George. They all went 6-0 and scored 126 points.
  • The group and lock winning percentages were average, 49.4% and 38.7% respectively. That is the worst lock winning percentage since week 4.
  • Despite it being a somewhat tough week, only one person went 0-6.
  • Underdogs went 5-1 ATS.
  • The group majority was only 2-4 ATS, but the most popular pick of the week (Oregon with 217 picks) covered the spread.
  • Oregon was the only favorite to cover.
  • Georgia, the most popular lock, lost outright to Florida.
  • Kansas State was the only underdog to receive a majority of the picks. They lost the game, but covered the spread against OSU.
  • The gap between 1st place and 20th (93 points) is the same as the gap between 20th and 101st.
  • There are currently three people in the Top Ten with losing lock records: Aaron Jack, Matt George and Elisabeth Bowman.
  • Eight people have won seven of their locks. 29 people have lost at least 7 of their locks.
  • Zach Favors is only 1-8 on his locks, but has a winning record overall: 27-26

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