• WEEK TEN TOP SCORE:  18 people tied for the top score!: There are too many to list by name, but you know who you are.
  • QUARTER THREE WINNER: Kole Atkinson and Brittnee M. The point of “quarterly winners” was to avoid ties. It didn’t quite work as planned. Kole and Brittnee tied with 323 points and an impressive 15-3 record.
  • The group and lock winning percentages were fantastic, 61.2% and 71.9% respectively. It was easily the best week of the year.
  • 18 people went 6-0, while only one person went 0-6.
  • 73 people scored at least 100 points. The previous best was 57 people in Week 3.
  • Such a great week meant favorites performed well, right? Right. They went 5-1 ATS. Favorites now have a winning record for the year (30-29-1).
  • Surprisingly, the group majority picked underdogs in 3 games (Miami, Boston College and Arkansas). Miami was the only one of the three to cover the spread.
  • Miami was also the most popular lock of the week. Its rare that an underdog is the most popular lock.
  • Oregon was the most popular pick overall. They scored late to cover the spread against WSU.
  • Zac McCoy has opened up a 45 point lead in the standings, the same separation of 2nd place and 14th place.
  • Three people in the Top 10 had a week where they scored zero points: Jason S, William Ryan and Max Briese.
  • Three different people have led the week in scoring on two separate occasions: William Ryan, Dan Bright and Cooper Davis.
  • 8-2 is the best lock record, shared by Megan Reed and Andy Mehlhouse. It is not representative of their overall records, as they are ranked 175th and 192nd, respectively.

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